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  1. The economy of the Philippines is the world's 32nd largest economy by nominal GDP according to the International Monetary Fund 2021 and the 12th largest economy in Asia, and the 3rd largest economy in the ASEAN after Indonesia and Thailand. The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing emerging markets, and the 3rd highest economy in Southeast ...

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    The Philippines (Filipino: Pilipinas [ˌpɪlɪˈpinɐs]), offeecially kent as the Republic o the Philippines (Filipino:Republika ng Pilipinas), is a kintra in Sootheast Asie in the wastren Paceefic Ocean. Tae its north athort the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. Wast athort the Sooth Cheenae Sea sits Vietnam.

  3. In the Philippines, regions ( Filipino: rehiyon; ISO 3166-2:PH) are administrative divisions that primarily serve to coordinate planning and organize national government services across multiple local government units (LGUs). Most national government offices provide services through their regional branches instead of having direct provincial or city offices.

  4. The Philippines is a multilingual state with 184 living languages originating and spoken by various ethno-linguistic groups. Many of these languages descend from a common Malayo-Polynesian language due to the Austronesian migration from Taiwan; however, there are languages brought by the indigenous people of the Philippines.

  5. Annexation of the Philippines by the United States was justified by those in the U.S. government and media in the name of liberating and protecting the peoples in the former Spanish colonies. Senator Albert J. Beveridge , one of the most prominent American imperialists at the time, said: "Americans altruistically went to war with Spain to liberate Cubans , Puerto Ricans , and Filipinos from their tyrannical yoke.

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    The Philippine Sea is a marginal sea of the Western Pacific Ocean east of the Philippine archipelago, the largest in the world, occupying an estimated surface area of 5 million square kilometers. The Philippine Sea Plate forms the floor of the sea. Its western border is the first island chain to the west, comprising the Ryukyu Islands in the northwest and Taiwan in the west. Its southwestern border comprises the Philippine islands of Luzon, Catanduanes, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao. Its northern b

  7. Les Philippines, en forme longue la république des Philippines (en philippin Pilipinas et Republika ng Pilipinas, en espagnol Filipinas et República de Filipinas, en anglais Philippines et Republic of the Philippines, en ilocano Filipinas et Republika ti Filipinas, en cebuano Pilipinas et Republika sa Pilipinas), est un pays d'Asie du Sud-Est constitué d'un archipel de 7 641 îles dont onze totalisent plus de 90 % des terres et dont un peu plus de 2 000 seulement sont habitées, alors qu ...

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