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    Pizzicato is a playing technique that involves plucking the strings of a string instrument. The exact technique varies somewhat depending on the type of instrument: On bowed string instruments it is a method of playing by plucking the strings with the fingers, rather than using the bow. This produces a very different sound from bowing, short and percussive rather than sustained. On keyboard string instruments, such as the piano, pizzicato may be employed as one of the variety of techniques invol

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      The first recognised use of pizzicato in classical music is...

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      In music notation, a composer will normally indicate the...

  2. Pizzicato Five - Wikipedia

    Pizzicato Five (formerly typeset as Pizzicato V and sometimes abbreviated to P5) was a Japanese pop band formed in Tokyo in 1979 by multi-instrumentalists Yasuharu Konishi and Keitarō Takanami. After some personnel changes in the late 1980s, the band gained international fame as a duo consisting of Konishi and vocalist Maki Nomiya.

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  4. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pizzicato means: playing a string instrument by plucking the strings (pulling a string with the finger and letting go quickly).

  5. Pizzicato (magazine) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pizzicato is a magazine published monthly in Luxembourg by Artevents Ltd., devoted to classical music. The magazine contains news, features and interviews as well as CD and DVD reviews. It was founded in 1991 by the Luxembourgish journalist Remy Franck.

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  6. Pizzicato Five discography - Wikipedia

    The discography of Japanese Shibuya-kei group Pizzicato Five includes 13 studio albums, one live album, one soundtrack album, 12 compilation albums, nine remix albums, six video albums, 13 extended plays and 21 singles

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  7. Pizzicato Pussycat - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pizzicato Pussycat is a 1955 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies animated short directed by Friz Freleng. The short was released on January 1, 1955. The cartoon is about a talented piano-playing mouse becoming a slave to a house cat.

  8. Pizzicato – Wikipedia

    Pizzicato, förkortas pizz., en typ av spelsätt på stråkinstrument där den utövande knäpper på strängarna med fingrarna. Det vanligaste är att pizzicato anslås med höger hand, men i vissa fall med vänster hand då snabba växlingar till stråkspel sammanfaller.

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    A vonót pizzicato közben is kézben kell tartani, mert általában nincs idő letenni és felvenni. Viszont ha egy egész tételben így kell játszani, akkor a hegedűsök és a brácsások gyakran tartják hangszerűket „ bendzsópozícióban ", és úgy használják a hangszert, mintha az valami pengetős hangszer lenne (például bendzsó , vagy gitár ).

  10. J-pop - Wikipedia

    At first, the term J-pop was used only for Western-style musicians in Japan, such as Pizzicato Five and Flipper's Guitar, just after Japanese radio station J-Wave was established. On the other hand, Mitsuhiro Hidaka of AAA from Avex Trax said that J-pop was originally derived from the Eurobeat genre.


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