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    Post-grunge is a rock music subgenre that emerged in the 1990s. Originally, the term was used almost pejoratively to label bands such as Bush, Candlebox and Collective Soul that emulated the original sound of grunge.

    • As a pejorative label

      Originally, post-grunge was a label that was meant to be...

    • History

      Even at the height of their popularity, after the release of...

  2. Post-grunge is a music genre that is strongly influenced by grunge music, a genre that started in Seattle, Washington, United States in the mid-1980s. However, it makes it into a more melodic and radio-friendly sound. Not by a coincidence, it has become very popular on the radio. Examples of post-grunge artists. Foo Fighters

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    Post-grunge was a more commercially viable genre that tempered the distorted guitars of grunge with polished, radio-ready production. [250] [251] When grunge became a mainstream genre, major labels started signing bands that sounded similar to these bands' sonic identities.

  4. Post-grunge is a derivative of grunge and a style of alternative rock and hard rock that began in the 1990s. Originally, post-grunge was an almost pejorative label used to describe bands that emulated the grunge sound.

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    Post-grunge je subžáner alternatívneho rocku, ktorý sa objavil v polovici 90. rokov ako derivát grunge, použitím zvuku a estetiky grunge, ale s komerčne akceptovateľnejším tónom. Vytvorili ho skupiny ako Foo Fighters , Nickelback , Creed a Matchbox Twenty , ktoré boli jednými z najúspešnejších rockových skupín konca 90 ...

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    This is a list of American grunge bands.It includes rock bands and solo artists formed in the USA whose primary genre is grunge or either they have or had the elements of it in their music style.

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    Muzica post-grunge este un subgen al rockului alternativ și Hard rock care s-a format la mijlocul anilor '90, fiind un derivat al muzicii grunge, utilizând sunetul și estetica sa, dar cu un ton mult mai acceptabil comercial.

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    Post-grunge-nimitys tuli käyttöön 1990-luvun keskivaiheilla, kun monet huippusuositut Seattlen grunge-yhtyeet, kuten Nirvana, Alice in Chains tai Soundgarden hajosivat tai menettivät suosiotaan. Post-grungelle ominaisia piirteitä ovat muun muassa raskas särökitara ja yleensä yksinkertaiset riffit .