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  1. Rocksteady - Wikipedia

    Rocksteady is a music genre that originated in Jamaica around 1966. A successor of ska and a precursor to reggae, rocksteady was the dominant style of music in Jamaica for nearly two years, performed by many of the artists who helped establish reggae.

    • History

      As a popular musical style, rocksteady was short-lived; its...

  2. Rocksteady Studios - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rocksteady Studios Limited is a British video game developer based in London, England. Founded on 13 December 2004, the studio is best known for its work in the Batman: Arkham series. The company is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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  4. Rocksteddy - Wikipedia

    History and singles Formerly known as Acoustic Faith, Rocksteddy was founded in March 2003 by fellow church members, a trio of Christian rockers including singer Teddy Corpuz, drummer Jeff Cucullo, and rhythm guitar Howie Ramos. In 2005, they decided to drop the Christian lyricism and acoustic style and turned to alternative rock.

    • 2003–present
    • Teddy Corpuz, Jeff Cucullo, Christian Sindico, Juven Pelingon
  5. Bebop and Rocksteady - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bebop and Rocksteady are fictional supervillains appearing in publications featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related media. They follow the orders of villain Shredder, leader of the Foot Clan.

    • Bebop, Enhanced condition, Enhanced strength, Enhanced bite (via tusks), Enhanced smell, Rocksteady, Enhanced condition, Enhanced strength, Enhanced hearing, Razor sharp horn
    • 1987 series
  6. Rock Steady (The Whispers song) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Rock Steady " is a single released by American group The Whispers, from their eighteenth studio album Just Gets Better with Time (1987).

    • 4:50
    • June 13, 1987
    • 1987
    • R&B
  7. Rocksteady | TMNTPedia | Fandom

    Rocksteady is a character and a recurring villain from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. He was once a human who is mutated into an anthropomorphic rhinoceros. He is loyal to the Shredder and is usually paired with his friend, Bebop.

  8. Rocksteady | TMNT Wiki | Fandom

    Rocksteady is an antagonist of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was originally a human Russian arms dealer with ties to Shredder and The Foot Clan named Ivan Steranko. He is now a white rhinoceros who is one of Shredder's hench-men alongside his partner, Bebop. He made his debut in Enemy Of My Enemy.

    • 45
    • Green
    • Ninja Turtles, Triceratons
    • Human (Formerly) White Rhinoceros (Current)
  9. Rocksteady – Wikipedia

    Rocksteady är en rytmisk musikstil som introducerades på Jamaica sommaren 1966 genom att ett extra taktslag lades till före skarytmen, vilket medförde att tempot sänktes och utrymme gavs åt basisterna att utveckla komplicerade slingor.

  10. The Bloody Beetroots - Wikipedia

    The first single, "Rocksteady", was released in early 2012 along with two remix EPs. The second single, "Chronicles of a Fallen Love" (featuring Greta Svabo Bech) was released in December 2012, also with the two-part remix EPs.

  11. Rocksteady – Wikipédia

    Rocksteady je hudobný žáner pochádzajúci z Jamajky, ktorý vznikol v roku 1966. Ako nasledovník ska a predchodca reggae preberá mnohé znaky práve týchto dvoch štýlov [1] . Rocksteady má zhruba dvakrát pomalšie tempo ako ska a tradícia hovorí, že to je výsledok rekordne horúceho leta na Jamajke v roku 1966 [2] .