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  1. United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK or U.K.) or Britain, is a sovereign country located off the north­western coast of the European mainland. The United Kingdom includes the island of Great Britain, the north­eastern part of the island of Ireland, and many smaller islands.

  2. Countries of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, since 1922 comprises four countries: England, Scotland, and Wales and Northern Ireland. Although the UK is a unitary sovereign state, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have gained a degree of autonomy through the process of devolution. The UK Parliament and British Government deal with all reserved matters for Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, but not in general matters that have been devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly, Sc

  3. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, simply called the United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain or just Britain, is a sovereign country. It is a constitutional monarchy that is made up of four separate countries : England , Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland .

  4. A United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    A United Kingdom is a 2016 British biographical romantic drama film directed by Amma Asante and written by Guy Hibbert, based on the true-life romance between Seretse Khama, heir to the throne of Bechuanaland (later Botswana, of which he was President), and his wife Ruth Williams Khama.

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  5. United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, jiske chota kar ke United Kingdom nai to UK bolaa jaawe hae, Europe ke northwest me ek des hae. Isme chaar des hae: England, Scotland, Wales aur Northern Ireland. Iske abaadi 60 million hae.

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  7. Politics of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    The United Kingdom is a unitary state with devolution that is governed within the framework of a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy in which the monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II, is the head of state while the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, currently Boris Johnson, is the head of government.

  8. Sport in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    Sport in the United Kingdom plays an important role in British culture.The United Kingdom has given birth to a range of major international sports including football, badminton, billiards, bowls, boxing, cricket, croquet, curling, darts, golf, fives, hockey, netball, rugby (union and league), tennis, table tennis, snooker, squash, and water polo.

  9. Commandos (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia
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    The Commandos, also known as the British Commandos, were formed during the Second World War in June 1940, following a request from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, for a force that could carry out raids against German-occupied Europe. Initially drawn from within the British Army from soldiers who volunteered for the Special Service Brigade, the Commandos' ranks would eventually be filled by members of all branches of the British Armed Forces and a number of foreign vo

    The British Commandos were a formation of the British Armed Forces organized for special service in June 1940. After the events leading to the British Expeditionary Force's evacuation from Dunkirk, after the disastrous Battle of France, Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, called for a force to be assembled and equipped to inflict casualties on the Germans and bolster British morale. Churchill told the joint chiefs of staff to propose measures for an offensive against German-occupied E

    The Commando units formed in the United Kingdom were: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, No. 12, No. 14, No. 30, and No. 62 Commando. At the same time there were four Commando units formed in the Middle East: No. 50, No. 51, No, 52, and

    In 1943, the formation of the Commando unit was changed. Each Commando now consisted of a small headquarters group, five fighting troops, a heavy weapons troop, and a signals platoon. The fighting troops consisted of 65 men of all ranks divided into two 30–man sections ...

    When the Commando units were originally formed in 1940, training was the responsibility of the unit commanding officers. Training was hampered by the general shortage of equipment throughout the British Army at this time, as most arms and equipment had been left behind at Dunkirk. In December 1940 a Middle East Commando depot was formed with the responsibility of training and supplying reinforcements for the Commando units in that theatre. In February 1942 the Commando training depot at Achnacar

    The very first Commando raid – Operation Collar on 23 June 1940 – was not actually carried out by a Commando unit, but by one of their predecessors: No.11 Independent Company. The mission, led by Major Ronnie Tod, was an offensive reconnaissance carried out on the French coast south of Boulogne-sur-Mer and Le Touquet. The operation was a limited success; at least two German soldiers were killed whilst the only British injury was a flesh wound suffered by Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Clarke ...

    At the end of the Second World War all the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, and some Royal Marines Commandos were disbanded, leaving only three Royal Marines Commandos and one brigade. As of 2010 the British Commando force is 3 Commando Brigade, which consists of both Royal Marines and British Army components, as well as commando-trained personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Other units of the British armed forces that can trace their origins to the British Commandos of th

  10. Art of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    The Art of the United Kingdom refers to all forms of visual art in or associated with the United Kingdom since the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707 and encompass English art, Scottish art, Welsh art and Irish art, and forms part of Western art history.

  11. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Kerajaan Bersatu Britain Raya dan Ireland Utara), atau lebih dikenali sebagai United Kingdom, UK, dan Britain, ialah sebuah negara berdaulat yang terletak di luar pesisir pantai barat laut tanah besar Eropah.