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    Visual kei (Japanese: ヴィジュアル系, Hepburn: Vijuaru Kei, lit."Visual Style" or "Visual System") is a movement among Japanese musicians, that is characterized by the use of varying levels of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics, similar to Western glam rock.

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    The term \\"visual kei\\" is said to have originated from X JAPAN's slogan: \\"PSYCHEDELIC VIOLENCE CRIME OF VISUAL SHOCK\\". The first time the term has been officially used in the press is in an article by Sheiichi Hoshiko for the SHOXX magazine in 1992. The word used was \\"bijuaru shokku kei\\" (visual shock style). Other terms often used at that time was \\"okeshou kei\\" (make-up style).

    Visual kei began in the mid-1980's, with bands such as Seikima-II, X JAPAN, D'ERLANGER and COLOR. Inspired by the punk, glam metal, and gothic-rock movements, the first wave of bands put emphasis on shocking visuals, often done through elaborate stage performances, eccentric hairstyles, and flamboyant attire, traits that would become staples of the entire movement.The musical peculiarities of visual kei in 90's have been defined by popular bands LUNA SEA (initially produced by X JAPAN 's lead...

    To extend their visual appeal, visual bands and artists who perform live would often engage in headbanging and display expressive hand gestures, often involving slow arm movements and reaching out to the audience. Such gestures are commonly referred to as \\"furitsuke\\" by fans. The \\"metal horns\\" gesture is also widespread, even among some non-metal artists. Similar to non-visual rock and metal concerts, fans may sometimes hold glowsticks or other items connected to the band concept. Often, cert...

    Even though it started as an underground movement, visual kei received mainstream attention in the mid 90's. The platinum-selling success of visual kei pioneers X JAPAN, LUNA SEA and Kuroyume led to a general interest in the visual kei subculture, and the raise of extravagant looking bands like MALICE MIZER had a strong impact on the strict Japanese society of the late 90's.In 1998, the death of former X JAPAN guitarist hide (Hideto Matsumoto) had a strong mediatic impact, with an attendance...

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    Számos visual kei-együttes turnézott úgy Amerikában, hogy helybéli együttes előzenekaraként léptek fel. 2006-ban a Dir en grey fellépett a South by Southwest fesztiválon, 2007-ben pedig 16 állomásos turnét tartottak az Egyesült Államokban. 2008-ban több mint 100 visual kei-koncert valósult meg az országban. 2010-ben számos ...

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    Visual kei no Brasil No Brasil, existem vários fãs de visual kei que, além do visual rock, se interessam também por outras formas de rock japonês. Em 2006, o evento J's Fest II (Japan Song Fest II) atraiu 1.500 visitantes ao Circo Voador, no Rio de Janeiro , que prestigiaram, entre outras atrações, bandas nacionais inspiradas por ...

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    This is a list of visual kei musical groups. This list does not include individual solo musicians. This list does not include individual solo musicians. This list of songs or music-related items is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it .

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    Visual kei se objevil zhruba v polovině 80. let 20. století a za jeho průkopníky jsou označovány skupiny jako X Japan, D'erlanger, Buck-Tick či Color. Název Visual kei pak vychází ze sloganu Psychedelic violence crime of visual shock , jež měla na svém albu Blue Blood skupina X Japan .

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    Visual kei (ヴィジュアル系, bijuaru kei?, lit. "visual style" sau "visual system") este o mișcare printre muzicienii japonezi, care se caracterizează prin utilizarea a diverse nivele de make-up, coafuri înfoiate și costume viu colorate, uneori însoțite de estetici androgene.

    • Japonia, începutul anilor 1980
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    The Gazette (stylized as the GazettE), originally known as Gazette (ガゼット, Gazetto), is a Japanese visual kei rock band from Kanagawa formed in early 2002. The band is currently signed to Sony Music Records

  10. Visual Kei merupakan penggabungan dari kata Visual(bahasa Inggris), dan Kei(bahasa Jepang) yang mempunyai arti ‘gaya’. Jika komunitas Punk berasal dari London, maka Visual kei berasal dari Jepang. Visual Kei (ヴィジュアル系, bijuaru kei) mengacu pada sebuah gerakan dalam J-Rock yang populer pada sekitar tahun 1990-an. Gerakan ini ...

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    Visual kei (japanska: ヴィジュアル系 vijuaru kei, bokstavligen "visuell stil" eller "visuellt system") är ett mode och en moderelaterad musikgenre som uppstod i Japan under det tidiga 1980-talet. Den grupp som gjorde Visual kei mest känd var X Japan som steg fram under mitten av 1980-talet.