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    A vocoder (/ ˈ v oʊ k oʊ d ər /, a portmanteau of voice and encoder) is a category of voice codec that analyzes and synthesizes the human voice signal for audio data compression, multiplexing, voice encryption or voice transformation. The vocoder was invented in 1938 by Homer Dudley at Bell Labs as a means of synthesizing human speech.

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    The vocoder was originally designed to aid in the transmission of voices over telephony systems. In musical applications the original sounds, either from vocals or from other sources such as instruments, are used and fed into a system of filters and noise generators.

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    Software vocoder models. Ableton Live Vocoder effect (built-in since version 8.x) Apple EVP-1 (component of Logic Studio, originally developed by Emagic as an optional add-on to Logic Audio) Arturia Vocoder; Eiosis ELS Vocoder (software reproduction of EMS Vocoder 5000) EVOC-20; Image-Line Fruity Vocoder, Vocodex; Native Instruments Vokator

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  5. The vocoder has also been used extensively as an electronic musical instrument(see Uses in music). The decoder portion of the vocoder, called a voder, can be used independently for speech synthesis(see History).

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    This is much more limited in scope than the phase vocoder based processing, but can be made much less processor intensive, for real-time applications. It provides the most coherent results [ citation needed ] for single-pitched sounds like voice or musically monophonic instrument recordings.

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    NXDN uses the AMBE+2 vocoder for digital audio. This combination provides better weak-signal voice quality than for analog FM. For an equivalent transmitter power, NXDN is represented as having a wider range and slightly better multi-path characteristics than analog FM in typical RF environments, specifically at the 12 dB SINAD threshold.

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    Novation Digital Music Systems Ltd. is a British musical equipment manufacturer, founded in 1992 by Ian Jannaway and Mark Thompson as Novation Electronic Music Systems.Today the company specializes in MIDI controllers with and without keyboards, both analog and virtual analog performance synthesizers, grid-based performance controllers, and audio interfaces.

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    Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech.A computer system used for this purpose is called a speech computer or speech synthesizer, and can be implemented in software or hardware products.

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    Vocoding is the cross synthesis of a musical instrument with voice. It was called the vocoder because it involved encoding the voice (speech analysis) and then reconstructing the voice in accordance with a code written to replicate the speech (speech synthesis).

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