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      • It Started with a Flying Object. In the summer of 1947, a flying object crashed near Roswell. ...
      • There IS Evidence of Some Kind of Wreckage. The wreckage that Brazel the supervisor collected was about 5 pounds total, and included rubber; sticks; tough, glossy paper with a few ...
      • We Begin Seeing "Aliens" Seventy years after the crash, most versions of the Roswell story include extraterrestrial beings on board the mysterious flying object.
      • A Future President Reports a Possible UFO Sighting. In the 1970s, reports of UFO sightings were occurring across the United States and the world. ...
      • The Government Gets Involved. In the 1990s, the security risk for exposing UFO sightings became clearer, as the world learned that there was a government cover-up at Roswell, after all.
      • UFOs are Everywhere in Roswell Today. The alien culture and celebration in Roswell lives on, even as the story was debunked. ...
      • Roswell's Alien Influence Lives on in Pop Culture. The series of events in Roswell led to a surge of aliens, UFOs and extraterrestrial beings in pop culture for decades to ...
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  2. What Really Happened at Roswell? - HISTORY › news › roswell-ufo-aliens-what
    • Here Are The Agreed-Upon Facts About The Roswell crash.
    • The Government Changed Its Story About The Roswell ‘Saucer’—A Few times.
    • Was Roswell’s ‘UFO’ from The USSR?

    Sometime between mid-June and early July 1947, rancher W.W. “Mac” Brazel found wreckage on his sizable property in Lincoln County, New Mexico, approximately 75 miles north of Roswell. Several “flying disc” andflying saucer” stories had already appeared in the national press that summer, leading Brazel to believe the wreckage—which included rubber strips, tinfoil, and thick paper—might be something of that ilk. He brought some of the material to Sheriff George Wilcox of Roswell, who in turn brought it to the attention of Colonel William Blanchard, the commanding officer of the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF). The next day, the RAAF released a statement, writing that, “The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff's office of Chaves County.” Acc...

    The following day, the Roswell Daily Record ran a storyabout the crash and the RAAF’s astonishing claim. But U.S. Army officials quickly reversed themselves on the “flying saucer” claim, stating that the found debris was actually from a weather balloon, releasing photographs of Major Marcel posing with pieces of the supposed weather balloon debris as proof. For decades, many UFO researchers were skeptical of the government’s changed account, and in 1994, the U.S. Air Force released a report in which they conceded that the “weather balloon” story had been bogus. According to the 1994 explanation, the wreckage came from a spy device created for an until-then classified project called Project Mogul. The device—a connected string of high-altitude balloons equipped with microphones—was designed to float furtively over the USSR, detecting sound waves at a stealth distance. These balloons would ostensibly monitor the Soviet government’s attempts at testing their own atomic bomb. Because Pr...

    Another questionable theory—advanced by the book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base—states that the crashed flying vehicle was neither extraterrestrial nor the work of U.S. spies. Rather, it was an unconventional plan to induce widespread American panic, implemented by Soviet strongman Joseph Stalin. An unnamed source who worked as an engineer at Area 51 for the defense contractor EG&G told the book’s author Annie Jacobsen, a veteran national security journalist and Pulitzer Prize nominee, that the program had been designed by Nazi concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele. According to the source, adolescent children were deformed by the Soviets to resemble aliens and then deployed in an aircraft to fly over New Mexico. According to this book, Stalin’s “plan was for the children to climb out and be mistaken for visitors from Mars. Panic would ensue… [and] America’s early-warning radar system would be overwhelmed with sightings of other ‘UFOs.’” That...

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  3. 10 Most Interesting Facts About UFO Crash From Roswell ... › 2021/05/28 › 10-most
    • The Roswell Army Air Field or the RAAF had initially released a press release based on the Roswell Daily Record newspaper with the headlines ‘RAAF captures flying saucer on ranch in Roswell region’.
    • On July 2. 1947, a UFO was seen flying northwest in the skies above Roswell, New Mexico, but what happened to that UFO was not known to anyone. It is believed that it is the same UFO that had crashed a few days later.
    • Rancher Mac Brazel, whose ranch was the crashing ground for the unidentified flying object had reported that the crash had happened in the first week of July, however the cover-up story said that the weather balloon had crashed on 14 June 1947.
    • In 1989, a young local mortician, Glenn Dennis, claimed that his friend, who worked as a nurse at the Roswell Army Air Field, entered one of the examination rooms to discover that the doctors were bent over and examining the bodies of three creatures.
  4. Roswell incident | Overview, Theories, Hoaxes, & Facts ... › event › Roswell-incident

    Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Jesuits engineered the lifeforms supposedly found in the Roswell incident. Area 51 has been a target of alien-related conspiracy theories ever since the Roswell weather-balloon crash took place. The supposed government organization "Majestic 12" is alleged by ...

  5. Here Are 11 Facts About The Roswell Incident That’ll Make You ... › christopherhudspeth › here-are-xx
    • Something undoubtedly crashed in the fields of Foster Ranch, just northwest of Roswell, New Mexico.
    • The Roswell Daily Record's front page ran a headline that claimed to have captured a “flying saucer.”
    • A press release came out later with a correction, claiming that it was actually a weather balloon that'd crashed.
    • Years later, a public information officer named Walter Haut, said the photo was staged and the materials shown weren't from the crash site.
  6. 15 "Facts" About The Roswell Incident That Don't Make Sense › shocking › 15-facts-about-the

    May 01, 2017 · In 1997, exactly 50 years after the Roswell Incident, the Air Force released The Roswell Report - Case Closed, which is the Official United States Air Force Report into whatever the heck DID happen at Roswell. It claimed that the 'alien bodies' that had been seen outside of Roswell half a century before had been crash test dummies – mock ups of human bodies made of aluminum bones and covered in various materials for ‘skin’ that were part of 'Operation High Dive'.

    • Everyone Is Stupid And Can't Remember Things
      Everyone Is Stupid And Can't Remember Things
      According the book The Roswell Report - Case Closed, the biggest problem with accepting any testimony on the events surrounding the alleged Roswell crashes is that people can't remember stuff, and are fallible.
    • Crash Test Time Travelers?
      Crash Test Time Travelers?
      In 1997, exactly 50 years after the Roswell Incident, the Air Force released The Roswell Report - Case Closed, which is the Official United States Air Force Report into whatever the heck DID happen at Roswell.
    • The FBI Suppressed Information Out Of Roswell Area
      The FBI Suppressed Information Out Of Roswell Area
      Lydia Sleppy made an affidavit concerning her role as the teletype operator of the KOAT radio station.
  7. The facts about Roswell Alien crash – and the proof – Strange ... › the-facts-about-roswell

    Nov 05, 2013 · The facts about Roswell UFO crash 1947 – A “flying saucer” was captured in Roswell, NM as stated by the Roswell Army Air Field. The headline pictured above quickly becomes iconic. At a press conference the following day, a general for the 8th Air Force, Roger Ramey, recanted.

  8. This is the same newspaper that unfortunately seemed to forget those facts in their July 2017 anniversary article. In the subsequent mythmaking, one of the main sensationalist books (The Roswell Incident, Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore, 1980) claimed that the debris was from a flying saucer that passed over Roswell the evening of July 2, 1947. But in fact Brazel had found the debris much earlier, on June 14, just ten days after the NYU team had lost track of Flight #4, headed toward ...

  9. The Roswell UFO Incident Full Story & Hidden Facts › bizarre-weird › the-roswell-ufo

    Here is the list of some unknown facts about Roswell UFO Incident that are rarely known 1. It was 75 miles north of Roswell, when a United States Air Force balloon crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in the mid of 1947. 2.

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