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    Kajagoogoo KaS Product Nik Kershaw King King Crimson ( Discipline and Beat era) The Knack Kombi Kora Kult

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    There were edgy new wave songwriters like Elvis Costello, pop bands like Squeeze, tough rock & rollers like the Pretenders, pop-reggae like the Police, mainstream rockers like the Cars, and ska revivalists like the Specials and Madness.

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    In the early 1980s, new wave acts embraced a crossover of rock music with African and African-American styles. Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow, both acts with ties to former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, used Burundi -style drumming.

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  5. New Wave: Top 10 Bands of All Time - MusicSnake Magazine
    • Culture Club. The band’s debut single “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” was praised by critics and fans alike. However, the video puzzled the majority of us as it was unclear if the singer was a man or a woman.
    • Echo and the Bunnymen. While they began with a cult following, Echo and the Bunnymen have gained mainstream status as they continue to record and tour nearly four decades after they formed.
    • Talking Heads and New Wave. With a mix of worldbeat, post punk, art punk and funk, the Talking Heads were one of the most famous new wave bands to come out of the New York scene of the late ’70s.
    • INXS. With a pleasant play on words, INXS rose to the top in the early 80’s with their sophomore release Shabooh Shoobah,which housed their breakout single, “The One Thing.”
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    This is a list of new wave groups and artists from the United States. Pages in category "American new wave musical groups" The following 164 pages are in this ...

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    Aug 22, 2018 · There are some unusual choices worth justifying: if the ska-punk of the Two Tone bands is considered new wave (for taking a punk attitude to Jamaican ska), then it stands to reason that both Dexy’s Midnight Runners (punk attitude + soul music) and The Pogues (punk attitude + folk music) count too. That both bands were formed from the ashes of punk bands make them as ‘post-punk’ as you can get.

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    As the mid-1980s approached, the line separating new wave from the corporate mainstream blurred, especially for bands such as the Pretenders (fronted by former rock journalist Chrissie Hynde), the Police, and U2, who became hugely popular.

  9. Top New Wave Artists of the '80s - ThoughtCo
    • The Cars. One of the original and most musically balanced torchbearers for the new wave style, the Cars both exemplified and defined new wave with their sweeping, accessible sound.
    • Talking Heads. Almost all of the early New York City punk rock bands would ultimately take on the new wave descriptor, which is actually rather appropriate given the array of experimental styles found in that city's mid-'70s scene.
    • Elvis Costello. A common characteristic of the most enduring artists of the new wave era, perhaps by necessity, is an overriding versatility and searching needs to test the boundaries of what pop music had to offer.
    • The Police. The proximity of the Police to the punk rock revolution in England may have had as much to do with the band's inclusion in the new wave category as its reggae-inflected sound, but the trio certainly reflected the variety ultimately housed within the genre.
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    Oct 13, 2020 · While “New Wave” and “post-punk” were pretty much interchangeable terms in 1977, by the early ’80s, the more avant-garde, harder-edged bands divided off into post-punk, and New Wave was ...

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    Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s is a series of compilations issued by Rhino Records, on both CD and audio cassette, featuring various artists from the new wave era 1977–1985. The series contained 15 volumes. The first five were released on 21 June 1994, volumes 6–10 on 18 October 1994, and the last five volumes on 20 June 1995.