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  2. World Health Organization (WHO) - The directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system, responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, including shaping the health research agenda.

  3. CDC - Global Health - Organization › globalhealth › organization

    Mar 16, 2016 · Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) Works with ministries of health and other partners to protect the health and improve the well-being of people globally by building public health capacity to prevent disease, disability and death from communicable and non-communicable diseases. Global Immunization Division (GID)

  4. Launch Event: WHO Global Sodium Benchmarks for Different Food Categories 5 May 2021 12:30 – 13:30 CET World hand hygiene day 2021: Effective hand hygiene at the point of care, now more than ever – a high level meeting convened by the World Health Organization Deputy Director General

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    World Health Organization The World Health Organization (WHO) was established shortly after World War II as a multilateral health organization to unite countries in the common goals of tackling disease and achieving better health globally.

  6. 15 Organizations Changing The World Through Healthcare ... › 10-organizations-changing-world
    • Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition(GAIN) The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is an alliance driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition.
    • Health Leads. Health Leads believes that a different kind of healthcare system is possible for America – one that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care.
    • Medic Mobile. Medic Mobile began when a few students at Stanford and Lewis & Clark started using a free software application called FrontlineSMS to coordinate community health workers at St Gabriel’s Hospital.
    • African Medical and Research Foundation(AMREF) AMREF has over 54 years’ experience in health development. In 1957, three surgeons founded the Flying Doctors Service of East Africa, laying the foundation for what is now one of the continent’s leading health development and research organisations.
  7. The Major International Health Organizations › Pages › orgfrm

    The major multilateral organizations are all part of the United Nations. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the premier international health organization. Technically it is an "intergovernmental agency related to the United Nations."

  8. Global Health - American Public Health Association › topics-and-issues › global-health

    APHA is committed to improving global health and was one of the first U.S. non-governmental organizations to become involved in this field. We work with our key partners in global health, including: the Pan-American Health Organization, Global Health Council, United Nations Council of Organizations, and the World Federation of Public Health Associations.

  9. Global Health and Multilateral Organizations – Global Health ... › briefs › global-health-and

    Global Health and Multilateral Organizations Multilateral organizations, particularly the United Nations, are integral in coordinating and mobilizing global support to achieve global health goals.

  10. 10 Nonprofits Improving Global Health - BORGEN › 10-nonprofits-improving
    • Aga Khan Foundation – Focusing on resource-poor and rural communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the Aga Khan Foundation has made great strides in global health as it generally works to improve the quality of life of individuals in those regions.
    • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – The Gates Foundation, one of the largest nonprofits in the world, has been improving the health of individuals around the world since 1999.
    • The Carter Center – The nonprofit founded by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is based in Atlanta, but affects individuals across the world as it strives to eliminate six diseases: Guinea worm disease, lymphatic filiarisis, malaria, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis and trachoma.
    • CONRAD – Promoting reproductive health in developing countries and preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS are the overarching goals of this non-profit, founded in 1986.
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