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    Which country currently practices authoritarian?

    What is the most authoritarian country?

    Is Iran an authoritarian country?

    What are the most authoritarian governments?

  2. Authoritarian Countries - Government

    Authoritarian has been adopted by a lot of countries in different continents in the past centuries and it is still prevalent. A continent wise Authoritarian countries list can be given as follows. Authoritarian Countries in Asia: Armenia, Bahrain, Cambodia, China, Iran, Laos, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Vietnam

  3. What authoritarian countries can tell us about democracy and ...

    Oct 07, 2020 · Still, it's important to note that the U.S. does not – yet – have a totalitarian system, an authoritarian leader or some other highly abusive and domineering form of government. The U.S. has ...

    • Kim Hjelmgaard
  4. What countries are under an authoritarian regime? - Quora

    There are a lot of countries that can be considered authoritarian, a few countries such as North Korea and Turkmenistan are commonly used as examples. The Democracy Index of 2014 lists the following countries as being the most authoritarian: Democratic People's Republic of Korea

  5. Ten authoritarian countries that license or regulate their ...

    Feb 06, 2020 · In Canada, press freedom is affirmed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. However, there are many other countries that do not have this fundamental freedom. Licensing, accreditation and government censorship are a few of the many ways authoritarian regimes quash freedom of the press.

  6. Current Dictators - List of Dictators In 2020

    Here is a comprehensive, up-to-date list of the current world dictators and authoritarian regimes. As of today, there are 50 dictatorships in the world (19 in Sub-Saharan Africa, 12 in the Middle East and North Africa, 8 in Asia-Pacific, 7 in Eurasia, 3 in Americas and 1 in Europe).

  7. List of countries by system of government - Wikipedia

    There is also a political mapping of the world that shows what form of government each country has, as well as a brief description of what each form of government entails. The list is colour-coded according to the type of government, for example: blue represents a republic with an executive head of state , and pink is a constitutional monarchy ...

    Constitutional form
    Head of state
    Basis of executive legitimacy
    Presidency is independent of legislature
    Ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence
    Presidency independent of legislature; ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence
    Constitutional monarchy
    Ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence
  8. What Are Examples of Authoritarian Governments?

    Apr 17, 2020 · Some examples of authoritarian governments include the regimes in China, Myanmar, Cuba and Iran. In an authoritarian political system, control is held by a single ruler or small group. Authoritarian governments do not permit freedom of speech and look to control every aspect of the daily lives of their citizens.

  9. Trump and the rise of authoritarianism.

    Jan 21, 2020 · The most blatant examples of globalized authoritarianism are when governments actually kill or attempt to kill their critics in other countries, as Saudi Arabia did in the case of journalist Jamal...

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