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  1. Apr 11, 2019 · Such Sweet Sorrow: Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi. With Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman. When the U.S.S. Discovery's crucial mission does not go according to plan, Burnham realizes what must ultimately be done.

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    • Olatunde Osunsanmi
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  2. An additional stardate for this episode (specifically, when the red burst occurs) is given in "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 ". Reception and aftermath. TRR: "Such Sweet Sorrow" discusses the making of, and events in, this episode. Alex Kurtzman described Olatunde Osunsanmi's work on this episode as "an unbelievable job in a crazy-short period of ...

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  4. Apr 13, 2019 · Release Date: January 7, 2018. Star Trek: Discovery Review - "Such Sweet Sorrow". IGN Review Practices. i. 8.6. great. The Enterprise returns just as the crew of the Discovery prepare for the ...

  5. Apr 11, 2019 · Such Sweet Sorrow” is a celebration of both everything new about Discovery in its second season along with some delightful elements of Star Trek history. ... with Sarek meditating on a beach.

  6. In retrospect, probably for a simple reason: I did not want to believe that this series fails! Now the time has come - I just can not bear to see Comander Michael Burnahm cry, look meaningful, solve any difficult task, play a major role in almost every scene and save the universe every 5 minutes.

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    In an alternate timeline created by the death of Spock at an early age, Sarek separated from Amanda Grayson, and did not remarry after Grayson died. Also he had been Federation ambassador to seventeen different planets between 2237 and 2269. (TAS: \\"Yesteryear\\") During the Federation-Klingon War, Sarek travelled from Vulcan to a secret meeting on Cancri IV with a supposedly dissenting Klingon faction which could end the war. However, his Vulcan cruiser was disabled by the pilot V'Latak, who was actually one of the logic extremists and attempted to assassinate him by turning his own body into a bomb; though Sarek survived, the ship was disabled inside the Yridia Nebula. Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery launched an unauthorized rescue mission; Sarek was too injured to continue and Admiral Katrina Cornwell went in his place. However, the meeting was actually a trap orchestrated by Klingon General Kol to capture Sarek, and Cornwell was captured instead. (DIS: \\"Lethe\\")

    When the Human parents of Michael Burnham were killed by Klingons, Sarek took her as a ward and raised her on Vulcan, where she became the first Human to ever attend the Vulcan Learning Center and the Vulcan Science Academy, the latter of which she entered in 2245. (DIS: \\"The Vulcan Hello\\", \\"The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry\\") When Burnham was a child, the Learning Center was bombed by logic extremists and Burnham was rendered medically dead. Sarek came to her rescue and initiated a mind meld with Burnham, in order to revive her. As a result of this, a portion of Sarek's katra remained inside her mind, which later allowed him to communicate with her across interstellar distances. (DIS: \\"Battle at the Binary Stars\\", \\"Lethe\\")

    After Burnham's graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy, Sarek was forced to choose between Burnham and Spock on who should join the Vulcan Expeditionary Group. Sarek chose Spock over Burnham for this; he then arranged with Captain Philippa Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou that Burnham would serve on her ship after graduation. In 2249, Sarek transported from Vulcan to the transporter room of the Shenzhou with Michael Burnham, and scolded her for being too rigid, refusing to follow human niceties by giving her hand to Georgiou; quietly he told Burnham to \\"behave\\" just before he departed from the ship. (DIS: \\"Battle at the Binary Stars\\", \\"The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry\\", \\"Lethe\\")

    However, he later regretted his favor to Spock; the latter decided to apply to Starfleet Academy instead of the Vulcan Science Academy, whereas Sarek wanted Spock to follow his father's teachings, just as he himself had followed the teachings of his own father. In 2250, Sarek broke off his relationship with Spock and, for years to come, the two were estranged. (TOS: \\"Journey to Babel\\") Right before the Battle of the Binary Stars in 2256, Michael Burnham called Sarek over a subspace channel seeking information about how to handle the Klingons. Sarek narrated to her how the Vulcans had handled them after their first contact in 2016: by firing first, cautioning her this solution was unique to them. Further, he cautioned her from letting the fact that Klingons killed her parents affect her judgement. (DIS: \\"The Vulcan Hello\\")

    In 2257, after the Discovery returned from the mirror universe, Sarek met the mirror counterpart of Philippa Georgiou, who offered her help with the war. Sarek and Cornwell (who had been liberated from her captors) wished all information regarding the crossover to be buried. He then negotiated with the Federation Council, received approval of Georgiou's plan, and it was decided that they had no choice but to proceed. (DIS: \\"The War Without, The War Within\\")

    After the end of the war, Sarek, with Amanda, visited Paris for the victory celebrations, where they met with Michael, now reinstated as a commander and appointed science officer of the Discovery. (DIS: \\"Will You Take My Hand?\\")

    Sarek's accomplishments as an ambassador of the Federation included the Coridan admission debate of 2268 before the Federation Council. Sarek's involvement in the Coridan admission debate included attending multiple council sessions, at least one of which was before the conference on a neutral planet. (TOS: \\"Journey to Babel\\")

    Shortly before he left Vulcan with his wife and a group of aides, Sarek suffered two heart attacks. He did not inform his wife of these incidents, though his physician prescribed Benjisidrine for the condition. During the council session en route to the Babel Conference Sarek met and debated with Tellarite Ambassador Gav, winning their argument. He did not speak with Spock until Sarek survived a series of heart attacks and surgery, and they talked again only after a transfusion of rare T-negative blood from his son. This event resulted in a brief retirement and a rekindling of their relationship. (TOS: \\"Journey to Babel\\") The conference finalized the admittance of Coridan into the Federation. Despite several minor quarrels, Sarek cast the final vote in favor of Coridan's admittance. (TNG: \\"Sarek\\")

    Sarek and Spock remained on good terms as the Klingon détente bloomed in the 2280s. In 2285, Sarek was briefed on Project Genesis and the report from James T. Kirk on the recent activation of the Genesis Device. That year Spock was left for dead on the Genesis Planet after sacrificing his life to save the USS Enterprise. Sarek, believing that Spock had put his katra in Kirk before he died, traveled to Earth to convince him to retrieve his son's body. It turned out it was Leonard McCoy who now possessed Spock's katra. On Vulcan, Sarek pushed for a fal-tor-pan, a fusion of Spock's katra and body; although aware of the dangers and complications of the ritual, Sarek stated that his logic was uncertain where his son was concerned. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

    In 2370, after Julian Bashir told Elim Garak, \\"Before you can be loyal to another, you must be loyal to yourself,\\" the Cardassian attributed the quote to Sarek, but it was actually Bashir's own. (DS9: \\"Profit and Loss\\") \\"Isn't it unusual for a Vulcan to retire at your age? After all, You're only 102.\\" \\"Tellarites do not argue for reasons. They simply argue.\\" \\"It does not require pride to ask that Spock be given the respect which is his duenot as my son, but as Spock.\\" \\"Threats are illogical. And payment is usually expensive.\\" \\"Emotional, isn't she?\\" \\"She has always been that way.\\" \\"Indeed. Why did you marry her?\\" \\"At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.\\" \\"What you seek has not been done since ages past, and then only in legend. Your request is not logical.\\" \\"Forgive me, T'Lar. My logic is uncertain where my son is concerned.\\" \\"Kirk, I thank you. What you've done is \\" \\"What I've done, I had to do.\\" \\"But at what cost? Your ship. Your son.\\" \\"If I hadn't tried, the cost would have been my soul.\\" \\"We demand the extradition of Kirk! We demand justice!\\" \\"Klingon justice is a unique point of view, Mister President.\\" \\"Your vessel did destroy USS Grissom. Your men did kill Kirk's son. Do you deny these events?\\" \\"We deny nothing. We have the right to preserve our race!\\" \\"Do you have the right to commit murder?\\" \\"Your associates are people of good character.\\" \\"They are my friends.\\"

    The 24th century starship USS Sarek was presumably named in honor of Ambassador Sarek. (DS9: \\"Favor the Bold\\")

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