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      • A classic 80s look is a lace top paired with denim acid-wash jeans or a denim miniskirt. The contrast of drastically different materials is a key feature of 80s style.
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  2. '80s Fashion Trends: The 30 Most Iconic Looks of the '80s ... › eighties-fashion
    • Elinor Block
    • Bodysuits. Pinterest. Style Notes: This is classic '80s Madonna, but the underwear/bodysuit look is bang on the money for now. You can forgo the pearls; just wear yours with some high-waisted jeans for a night out.
    • Naked Dress.
    • Turtlenecks. Pinterest. Style Notes: Brooke Shields was America's number one sweetheart back in the '80s, and here she proves exactly why with those girl-next-door looks.
    • See-Through Layers. Pinterest. Style Notes: The Jenner/Kardashian clan has already got this look down—and there are sheer dresses all over the spring runways.
  3. 12 Cute '80s Outfits - Best 1980s Fashion Trends and Looks to ... › cute-80s-outfits

    Oct 07, 2020 · courtesy. The '80s have gotten a bad rap when it comes to fashion — it's no secret that there were plenty of style lows ( bad perms, leg warmers, stirrup pants, and blue eyeshadow just to name a ...

    • Sarah Conly
  4. The Best of 1980s Fashion - Vintage '80s Outfits and Fashion ... › fashion › trends

    Feb 26, 2021 · The 1980s were a decade of bold style, colors, and silhouettes—and heaping amounts of permed hair. With trends spanning ripped tights and biker jackets, polished oversized blazers and poof ...

    • Barry Samaha
  5. Jul 08, 2020 · The 1980s was possibly the boldest decade in modern fashion history, a magical era of over-the-top silhouettes, teased perms and saturated colors. They were the years of puffed shoulders and power...

  6. Create the Perfect ’80s Look - Central Casting › create-the-perfect-80s-look
    • Know The Exact ’80s Look You’Re Going For
    • Early 1980s Style Basics
    • Mid-Late 1980s Style Basics
    • Types of ’80s Looks
    • Creating Your ’80s Look

    You may think shoulder pads, big hair, and neon are a classic look for any ’80s scene, but not all trends are universal. A look that works for a wrestling spectator in GLOW, may not work for a house party on Snowfall. As with any job you book, pay close attention to the details given to you by Casting Directors. Depending on the scene, you may be given a specific look to replicate or you may have more flexibility in the wardrobe you’re bringing to set. If you find yourself needing to put an ’80s look together for your scene, don’t overlook the best resource you have: the project itself. If you’re booked on a TV show that’s currently on the air, take a look at the wardrobe used throughout the show, from both principal and Background Actors. This will give you an idea of the color palette and overall style used on the show, and will give you a good place to start in crafting your own wardrobe.

    When you think of an iconic ’80s look, you’re probably not thinking of something from the beginning of the decade. The early 1980s were more minimalist, practical, and subdued. If you need an outfit that works for the early ’80s, think more earth tones, with shades of brown, tan, and orange. Professional styles for both men and women featured wide straight-leg pants with blazers and sport coats that tended to have a looser fit. Common casual looks for women at the time were high-waisted jeans, turtlenecks, velvet blazers, and loose dresses with sneakers, thick heels, or round-toed boots. Early ’80s casual looks for men were often rolled straight-legged jeans with slouched socks, polo shirts, and polyester button ups.

    By the mid-1980s, fashion had taken a turn to statement styles with bright colors, big shoulders, and bold jewelry. If you’re putting together an outfit for this type of ’80s look, think bulky sweaters, shoulder pads, trench coats, nylon jackets, and Levi 501s. Women’s professional fashion was heavily influenced by male business looks. This trend, called power dressing, began in the late 1970s as a way for women to establish themselves in the traditionally male-dominated work force. These styles played off the traditional business suit, which included jackets with wider shoulders, roll-neck sweaters, and knee length skirts. This look evolved throughout the decade and was influenced by TV shows like Dallas and Dynasty (both cast by Central Casting). If you’re putting this type of outfit together, you can draw inspiration from Joan Collins’ Dynastycharacter Alexis Carrington. In the mid-1980s, men’s suits tended to have a looser fit with pinstripes, wide lapels, and double-breasted ja...

    Messy Chic

    Madonna was one of the biggest influencers to ’80s fashion. One of her most copied styles was from her "Like A Virgin" messy chic phase, consisting of layered jackets, tulle skirts, fingerless gloves, and bow headbands.


    Jane Fonda and the popularity of aerobics led to the athletic wear trend of the 1980s. For women, this look involved neon jumpsuits, leg warmers, elastic headbands, and sneakers. Men’s athletic looks consisted of tracksuits, t-shirts, jerseys, and shorts.


    Preppy looks were often associated with wealthy teenagers and were inspired by classic conservative styles. Preppy outfits consisted of button down shirts, polos, cuffed khakis, and argyle sweaters, with tasseled loafers, Keds, or boat shoes.

    You’ve been booked by a Casting Director and have been given your details. Now it’s time to put your wardrobe together. Again, pay close attention to the information the Casting Director has given. The looks mentioned here are just starting points; the details they give will help you create an outfit that fits the project you’re working on. Showing up to set with the correct, clean, and unwrinkled wardrobe is one of the ways you can be a successful Background Actor. Can you put together a perfect 1980s look? Make sure your file is up to date or registerwith one of our offices for a chance to work on our productions. Categories: Wardrobe Back

    • Big Shoulders. When you think of the ’80s, big shoulders always come to mind. Thanks to the power suiting trend for women, the ’80s saw shoulders pumped up with extra padding to bold new heights and widths.
    • Bold Colours. The ’90s may have had minimalism, but the ’80s had maximalism. Oversized shoulders, lashings of fabric, and decadent designs were all a regular part of dressing in the decade.
    • Sequins. The glamour and decadence of the ’80s have returned, but this time they’re toned down and refreshed for a new take. While sequined dresses may have been worn for exciting evening looks back in the ’80s, today that can also make a unique and eye-catching daytime look.
    • Ruffles. It’s no coincidence that ruffles have become incredibly popular once again. They are part of the resurgence of ’80s trends and were a key look for the decade.
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