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  2. What do the terms NPA and NXX mean? – Bandwidth Support Center

    Nov 13, 2020 · If you order a phone number in NPA 305, it can be in any of those rate centers. What is NXX? NXX, also known as the Central Office Code or Exchange, is a three-digit code that forms the second part of a 10-digit phone number. For example: In the phone number 555-101-1234, the NXX is 101.

  3. Our NPA NXX Area Code database is precise and comprehensive. Because we offer so many fields of valuable data, the NPA NXX Database is a very powerful business tool for all types of businesses. All area code database and maps come with a 1 year subscription and are accessible directly from your account for the entire year. See the data fields below:

  4. North American Numbering Plan - Wikipedia

    In individual geographic area codes, several other NXX prefixes are generally not assigned: the home area code(s), adjacent domestic area codes and overlays, area codes reserved for future relief nearby, industry testing codes (generally NXX 958 and 959) and special service codes (such as NXX 950 and 976).

  5. Area Code Database NPA NXX List

    They can move to any ZIP Code in the United States with the same NPA/NXX. Over time the connection between ZIP Code and Area Code has become less meaningful. In many cases there is no correlation at all and thus should not be relied upon any longer, in our opinion.

  6. NPANXX - What does NPANXX stand for? The Free Dictionary

    NPANXX. Acronym. Definition. NPANXX. Numbering Plan Area - Numbering Plan Exchange. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved. Suggest new definition. Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content .

  7. Local calling guide: NPA-NXX search

    Oct 31, 2020 · NPA NXX Block OCNRegionLATALIRSwitch. Effective date within pastor nextdays. Effective date searches are available only for US area codes. Our sources for non-US NPA-NXX data do not provide this information. If you want to search an entire area code regardless of activity, leave both the next and past days fields set to zero.

  8. Local calling guide: NPA-NXX search

    NPA-NXX BLOCK Rate Centre Region Switch OCN LATA LIR Eff date Disc date; 310-200: A: Compton: Gardena DA: CA: CYCMCALLCM5 : 6010 NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC : 730 ...

  9. North American Telephone Exchange Lookup by NPA NXX

    NPA NXX City Edition. Wireless Telephone Number Identification. Local Calling Areas. United States NPA NXX to ZIP Codes. Canadian NPA NXX to Postal Codes.

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