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      • The "X11" prefix is an alias for the non-prefixed version, i.e. "X11 Gray" = "Gray" ≠ "Web Gray". The W3C also defined a color that is equal to X11's "Green", but called it "Lime". In X11, this is simply called "Lime", as no such name existed before.,called%20%22Lime%22%2C%20as%20no%20such%20name%20existed%20before.
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  2. X11 color names - Wikipedia

    The W3C specifications SVG and CSS level 3 module Color eventually adopted the X11 list with some changes. The present W3C list is a superset of the 16 “VGA colors” defined in HTML 3.2 and CSS level 1. Perhaps most unusual of the color clashes between X11 and W3C is the case of "Gray" and its variants.

  3. Colors - X11 - W3Schools

    X11 Colors. This list of X11 color names was developed at the Massachusetts Intitute of Technology (MIT) during the development of color based computer display system:

  4. #C1BEB6 color name is Gray (X11)

    The color name of hex code #C1BEB6 is Gray (X11).The RGB values are (193, 190, 182) which means it is composed of 34% red, 34% green and 32% blue.

  5. X11Color - Aplu

    color - the color to search for the X11 name Returns: the X11 color name or the hex value "#rrggbb, if the given color is not part of the implemented X11 colors (lower case letters) getRandomColor public static java.awt.Color getRandomColor()

  6. List of colors: A–F - Wikipedia–F

    The following is a list of colors.A number of the color swatches below are taken from domain-specific naming schemes such as X11 or HTML4. RGB values are given for each swatch because such standards are defined in terms of the sRGB color space.

  7. You can use any name from a list of X11 color names. Color palette ideas Let's see what is the intrinsic meaning of the colors and the best color combinations for our potential color schemes.

  8. Web colors - Wikipedia

    The first versions of Mosaic and Netscape Navigator used the X11 color names as the basis for their color lists, as both started as X Window System applications. Web colors have an unambiguous colorimetric definition, sRGB , which relates the chromaticities of a particular phosphor set, a given transfer curve, adaptive whitepoint, and viewing ...

  9. ubuntu - X11 forwarding, how to change strange colors ...

    Changing the color depth of the Ubuntu system via a xorg.conf file Xephyr and xnest with standard parameters Changing color values in this rgb.txt file in /usr/share/X11/ on the Ubuntu box

  10. What is X11 exactly? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

    X11” is, strictly speaking, a communication protocol. In the sentences “X primarily defines protocol and graphics primitives …” and “X does not mandate the user interface …”, that's what X refers to. X is a family of protocols, X11 is the 11th version and the only one that's been in use in the last 25 years or so.

  11. Learn Linux 101: Install and configure X11 – IBM Developer

    Jan 03, 2019 · The X Window System (also known as X11, or simply X) is a client/server windowing system for bitmap displays. It is implemented on most UNIX-like operating systems and has been ported to many other systems.

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