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  2. Taser - Wikipedia

    A taser / ˈ t eɪ z ər / (mistakenly known as a sleep gun) is an electroshock weapon sold by Axon, formerly TASER International. It fires two small barbed darts intended to puncture the skin and remain attached to the target, at 180 feet (55 m) per second.

  3. What Is The Difference Between A Taser And A Stun Gun ...
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    A taser gun shoots two small prong style electrodes up to 15 feet from the weapon. These electrodes are connected to the gun with conductive wires that provide the power for the shock being delivered. Not having to be up close and personal with your assailant is a major advantage in the game of self defense. A taser gun will disable your attacker from afar and give you a head start in running away.Just like the taser, a stun gun uses two metal prongs to deliver its powerful shock. However, th...

    If you’re using a taser gun and you do not hit your opponent on first fire, be prepared to quickly reload your weapon. Always carry backup charges with you. The taser gun must be reloaded after every use. There are some taser models that can be used as a stun gun, like this one. If you miss your target when firing and don’t have the time to reload a charge (or you don’t have a backup with you), you can still defend yourself from dangerous contact by an attacker.A stun gun is designed to work...

    Taser guns are larger than most stun guns. They closely resemble pistols, and some models can get quite bulky and heavy. This can be a disadvantage for smaller people or those wishing to fully conceal their weapon. Because of their design, they must be fired similar to a pistol to offer the best aim and control possible for the user.Stun guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smaller handheld models to look somewhat like a firearm, but usually fit in the palm of one hand. They also come...

    The laws regarding owning, using, and even traveling with stun guns and tasers vary from state to state. Do not assume that the laws in your own state are the same as one you may be moving to or traveling through. It is important to check your own state and local laws before considering purchasing either of these self defense weapons.

    Taser guns are more expensive to own than stun guns. Taser models start around $300.00. As mentioned above, taser guns cartridges are single use. This requires purchasing additional cartridges to use as a backup or for general reloading. You can purchase this two pack of replacement cartridges for $69.99. Except for the Strikelight (a taser stun gun model), taser batteries are not rechargeable. In addition to additional cartridges, you should always have at least one extra battery available....

    Because of their size and firing method, taser guns are best carried at the hip in a holster or a toolbelt. You need to be able to access your taser quickly and aim it to hit your attacker with the probes to take them down. Having a taser stuffed in the bottom of your purse is not the best carry solution for the weapon.Being smaller and more tailored to each user, a stun gun doesn’t need quite as much space as a taser gun. While you need to be able to get to your weapon quickly, they can fit...

    • what powers a taser gun ?

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      Why is this in the "toys" section? Is provoking neuromuscular incapacitation something kids do for fun these days? Man, have times changed... Edit: Evidently, it's a "Lithium Power Magazine (LPM)".

    • What is a tazer/ taser ?

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      The TASER works on your bodies electrical system, it overrides the normal electrical activity that the brain uses to tell your muscles how to move, by basically shorting it out. This is why when a person is hit with it, they can't move and...

    • What is the difference between a taser and a stun gun ?

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      A taser is a Electro-Muscular Disruption device. It shoots two thin stands of wire and deliver s 5 second shock. The taser is harmless and causes the suspect to quit fighting, and assume the handcuff postion by laying face down with arms...

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  4. Taser | Definition of Taser at

    Taser definition, a brand name for a gunlike device that uses propelled wires or direct contact to electrically stun and incapacitate a person temporarily. See more.

  5. Oct 19, 2016 · TASER” is a registered trademark, owned by Axon, registered in the US and in many countries. No stun gun, other than the TASER StrikeLight, may bear the TASER brand name. Media reports often misrepresent stun guns as “tasers,” so be aware of this as you take in news. Taser is trademark for stun gun.

  6. Stun Guns |

    Shop a wide selection of Stun Guns at Great prices and discounts on the best stun guns, including heavy duty stun guns and mini stun guns. Free shipping and free returns on eligible items.

  7. TASER® Gun for Sale - Order Discounted Self-Defense Tasers

    The Taser Pulse+, Taser International’s most popular model, has a 15-foot shooting distance. This is the answer to the age-old question, “Taser vs stun gun.” Ethical and Legal, Concealed Carry While there are places where Taser guns are illegal, in most of the world, they are a legal self-defense product for concealed carry.

  8. TASER

    TASER International is now Axon. Same mission to protect life, same team pushing the boundaries of technology to do it. We offer both solutions to Law Enforcement as well as personal self-defense tools.

  9. Stun Guns & Tasers for Sale - Buy Powerful Self-Defense Tools

    Shooting Stun Guns (Tasers): Most stun guns require you to be up close and personal with an assailant in order for contact to be made. That is not the case with “ shooting stun guns .” The best and most widely known of these is the brand Tasers, which have probes that will shoot up to 15 feet away when deployed.

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    • Best Stun Gun Overall. VIPERTEK VTS-989. 9.5. 95% Extremely efficient and effective stun gun; always delivers!
    • Best Taser. TASER X26P. 9.5. 9.0. 93% Bring down an assailant like a bad-ass. Fire your TASER and send 50,000 volts shooting through your attacker.
    • Best Small Taser. TASER Pulse. 9.5. 95% A small, purse-sized TASER anyone can carry. Powerful, accurate, and user-friendly.
    • Best Stun Baton. Streetwise Lightning Rod 7,000,000 Stun Barbarian. 9.5. 95% Disorients and scares off potential assailants.
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    • Megan Kriss
    • Vipertek VTS-989. The Vipertek VTS-989 is one of the most widely recommended stun guns on the market. It’s incredibly powerful with a voltage of 300 million, making it the strongest stun gun on this list.
    • Vipertek VTS-880. If you’d like something a bit smaller, the Vipertek VTS-880 may be right for you. It’s only about the size of a deck of cards, but still packs a hell of a punch, firing 35 million volts.
    • Sabre S-1005 Dual Stun Gun. The Sabre S-1005 stun gun is like the VTS-880 above. It’s about the same length but with much more ergonomic of a grip and a larger flashlight.
    • Vipertek VTS-T03. Looking for something more nondescript…and probably more useful on a day to day? Check out the Vipertek VTS-T03 flashlight stun gun. Housed in a nice aluminum body…it’s a decent flashlight for night walks and won’t scream “I HAVE A STUN GUN.”