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    What is a combined tax return?

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  2. Combined Tax Return | legal definition of Combined Tax Return ...

    Combined Tax Return means a Tax Return filed or required to be filed in respect of federal, state, local or foreign income Taxes for a Combined Group, or any other affiliated, consolidated, combined, unitary, fiscal unity or other group basis (including as permitted by Section 1501 of the Code) Tax Return of a Combined Group. Sample 1 Sample 2

  3. Combined Federal/State Filing (CFSF) Program State ...

    State coordinators should contact their Government Liaison representative. Payers and transmitters should refer to Publication 1220 PDF, Part A Sec 12, Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) Program, for information.

  4. Combined Reporting of State Corporate Income Taxes: A Primer ...

    Feb 24, 2017 · The most effective approach to combating corporate tax avoidance is combined reporting, a method of taxation currently employed in more than half of the states that tax corporate income. The two most recent states to enact combined reporting are Rhode Island in 2014 and Connecticut in 2015.

  5. Federal Combined Vs. Consolidated Returns | Sapling

    A consolidated tax return is filed with the IRS by a parent company or a corporation that owns a group of affiliated companies. A combined tax return is filed with a state. It ensures reported income from localized businesses and multistate corporations are fairly reported and both types of businesses are taxed equally.

  6. Mandatory Combined Reporting for State Income Taxes

    May 22, 2013 · Generally, these states also allow separate company returns. State requires or permits taxpayer to elect to file a combined report, if certain conditions are met. Combined report is used to accurately reflect group’s income earned in the state. –Nexus combination reporting All members with nexus in the state are included in return.

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  7. Combined Group Filing Methods

    Jan 13, 2021 · A combined return is a filing method for a group of business entities in a unitary business. Determining the combined group members involves imposing certain statutory limitations, which affect the treatment of income, allocation factors, and tax attributes. This decision is commonly referred to as “world-wide vs. water’s-edge.”

  8. 27 States Plus D.C. Require Combined Reporting for the State ...

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  9. A combined return shall mean a single return for a group of corporations affiliated within the meaning of § 58.1-302, in which income or loss is separately determined in accordance with subdivisions a through d below:

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