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    What are the organs of the body and their functions?

    What organs are in the body?

    Why is the heart considered an organ?

    What are the main functions of the organ system?

  2. Organ (music) - Wikipedia

    In music, the organ is a keyboard instrument of one or more pipe divisions or other means for producing tones, each played with its own keyboard, played either with the hands on a keyboard or with the feet using pedals.

  3. Define organ. organ synonyms, organ pronunciation, organ translation, English dictionary definition of organ. n. 1. Music a. An instrument consisting of a number of ...

  4. Organ (music) - definition of Organ (music) by The Free ...

    Organ (music) synonyms, Organ (music) pronunciation, Organ (music) translation, English dictionary definition of Organ (music). n a small compact organ used esp for the authentic performance of preclassical music

  5. Organist | Definition of Organist by Merriam-Webster

    Organist definition is - a person who plays the organ. Recent Examples on the Web As the organist in the sanctuary played, people wept. — Bill Goodykoontz, azcentral, "George Floyd's memorial on Thursday was more powerful TV than Trump's photo op.

    • What is the definition of music ?

      8 answers

      The definition depends on the source you use. It's interesting that Websters, dictionary, the Grove, Harvard and Yale music dictionaries all have different definitions. What is common to all the definitions is this: Music is an organization...

    • What is keyboarding and its importance?

      2 answers

      This depends on whether you want it for typing (computer keyboarding), or playing music (piano/organ keyboarding). In either case, if that is important to you, it is important to be able to use your keyboard as an extension to your hands...

    • what is the definition of a Talkie Movie ?

      6 answers

      This is a really old fashioned way to say it, but I like old fashioned things (and, I'm only 24). A "Talkie Movie" is a film where sound and voice are added simultaneously without interruption. The first "Talkie Movie" came out in 1927 and...

  6. Organ | Definition of Organ at

    Organ definition, a musical instrument consisting of one or more sets of pipes sounded by means of compressed air, played by means of one or more keyboards, and capable of producing a wide range of musical effects.

  7. organ | Definition, History, Types, & Facts | Britannica

    Organ, in music, a keyboard instrument, operated by the player’s hands and feet, in which pressurized air produces notes through a series of pipes organized in scalelike rows. The term organ encompasses reed organs and electronic organs but, unless otherwise specified, is usually understood to refer to pipe organs.

  8. Organ | Definition of Organ by Merriam-Webster

    Organ definition is - a differentiated structure (such as a heart, kidney, leaf, or stem) consisting of cells and tissues and performing some specific function in an organism.

  9. organ - Dictionary of English

    organ - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. ... as a reed organ or an electronic organ. Music and Dance a barrel organ or hand organ ...

  10. Organum | music | Britannica

    Organum, originally, any musical instrument (later in particular an organ); the term attained its lasting sense, however, during the Middle Ages in reference to a polyphonic (many-voiced) setting, in certain specific styles, of Gregorian chant.

  11. Oct 06, 2017 · Bach - The Best Organ Music - Duration: 1:38:23. Classical Music 866,454 views. 1:38:23. Coffee Shop Music - Relax Jazz Cafe Piano and Guitar Instrumental Background to Study, ...

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