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    • what is the real definition of a maneater?

      8 answers

      Dictionary: man-eater 1. An animal, such as a tiger, that eats or is reputed to eat human flesh. 2. A cannibal. 3. Slang. A woman who is considered dangerous or threatening to men. WordNet: man-eater Meaning #1: a person who eats human...

    • What is the definition of smothering dreams? ?

      2 answers

      Smothering can also mean not being able to breathe. If someone is smothered with a pillow, they can't move or get away ... not very pleasant (and probably dead!). You can be metaphorically "smothered" in a relationship where you don't have...

    • What 's the definition of a discriminant?

      2 answers

      Remember all the things we wanted? Now all our memories -- they're haunted. We were always meant to say, "goodbye." Even with our fists held high, it never would've worked out right: we were never meant for do or die. I didn't want us to...

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  2. Haunt | Definition of Haunt at

    Haunt definition, to visit habitually or appear to frequently as a spirit or ghost: to haunt a house; to haunt a person. See more.

  3. Haunt | Definition of Haunt by Merriam-Webster

    Haunt definition is - to visit often : frequent. How to use haunt in a sentence.

  4. Haunting | Definition of Haunting at

    Nov 03, 2014 · Haunting definition, remaining in the consciousness; not quickly forgotten: haunting music; haunting memories. See more.

  5. Define haunt. haunt synonyms, haunt pronunciation, haunt translation, English dictionary definition of haunt. v. haunt·ed , haunt·ing , haunts v. tr. 1. To inhabit ...

  6. Definition of haunt in English: haunt. Pronunciation /hônt/ /hɔnt/ /hänt/ /hɑnt/ Translate haunt into Spanish. transitive verb [with object] 1 (of a ghost ...

  7. Haunted | Definition of Haunted at

    Haunted definition, inhabited or frequented by ghosts: a haunted castle. See more.

  8. Haunt definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Sep 14, 2020 · Haunt definition: If something unpleasant haunts you, you keep thinking or worrying about it over a long... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  9. HAUNT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    haunt definition: 1. to cause repeated suffering or anxiety: 2. (of a ghost) to appear in a place repeatedly: 3. a…. Learn more.

  10. Define haunted. haunted synonyms, haunted pronunciation, haunted translation, English dictionary definition of haunted. v. haunt·ed , haunt·ing , haunts v. tr. 1 ...

  11. What does haunting mean? - definitions

    Definition of haunting in the dictionary. Meaning of haunting. Information and translations of haunting in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.