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      • New Wave (or New Wave music) is a style of rock music that developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. New wave music was inspired by the punk rock movement. New Wave music is rock music mixed with other types of music, such as punk rock music, funk, disco, beat and ska.,punk%20rock%20music%2C%20funk%2C%20disco%2C%20beat%20and%20ska.
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  2. New wave music - Wikipedia

    New wave is a broad music genre that encompasses numerous pop-oriented styles from the late 1970s and the 1980s. The term derived from the unrelated "French New Wave" cinema movement and was originally used as a catch-all for the music that emerged after punk rock, including punk itself, but may be viewed retrospectively as a more accessible counterpart of post-punk.

  3. New wave | music | Britannica

    New wave music encompassed a wide variety of styles, which often shared a quirky insouciance and sense of humour. In the United States this broad spectrum included the B-52s, leading lights of an emerging music scene in Athens, Georgia, whose hybrid dance music mixed girl group harmonies with vocal experimentation such as that of Yoko Ono; Blondie, with its sex-symbol vocalist Deborah Harry ...

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  4. New Wave | Definition of New Wave by Merriam-Webster wave

    Jul 21, 2020 ยท New wave definition is - a cinematic movement that is characterized by improvisation, abstraction, and subjective symbolism and that often makes use of experimental photographic techniques.

  5. New Wave Music |

    New Wave Music. If one were to produce a soundtrack album of the 1980s, most of the tracks would probably be labeled "new wave." Much of what passed for new wave fit well with the overall cultural and political milieu of the 1980s.

  6. Define new wave. new wave synonyms, new wave pronunciation, new wave translation, English dictionary definition of new wave. n. 1. often New Wave a. ... Music A style ...

  7. New Wave Music Genre Overview | AllMusic

    During the late '70s and early '80s, New Wave was a catch-all term for the music that directly followed punk rock; often, the term encompassed punk itself, as well. In retrospect, it became clear that the music following punk could be divided, more or less, into two categories -- post-punk and new wave.

    • Please explain what New Wave music is ?

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      The definition of New Wave in the United States Within the United States, the term has since become applied indiscriminately to any band, with attitude, that did not embrace the simplistic, loud-fast playing style, whether that meant that...

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      soft rock=Soft rock (also referred to as mellow rock, light rock, or easy rock) is a style of music which uses the techniques of rock and roll (often combined with elements from folk rock and singer-songwriter pop) to compose a softer, more...

    • R&P- Definition of New Wave ?

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      I see your problem and it's a common one - New Wave means more than one thing in musical terms. At first "new wave" and "punk" were synonymous - punk was a wide term at the time meaning the US bands that you mentioned as well as the...

  8. New wave | Definition of New wave at

    New wave definition, a movement, trend, or vogue, as in art, literature, or politics, that breaks with traditional concepts, values, techniques, or the like. See more.

  9. Urban Dictionary: new wave wave

    A form of rock music very popular in the 1980s. It originated in the late 1970s and lasted until around 1992. The sounds are very electronic, using synthesizers and other keyed instruments.

  10. New-age music - Wikipedia

    New-age music is a genre of music intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism.It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation, reading as a method of stress management to bring about a state of ecstasy rather than trance, or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments, and is associated with environmentalism and New Age spirituality.

  11. 100 Greatest New Wave Songs - DigitalDreamDoor.

    Background: 'New Wave' evolved from 'Punk' in the late '70s being less anti-social and more radio (and MTV) friendly, hitting it's high in '83 and faded around '87.It can be best described as mixing the energy of Punk with a bit of 'Glam', 'Pop', 'Art-Rock' & 'Dance' and relied heavily on synthesizers.