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    What is folk revival music?

    What is American folk music?

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    What are some examples of folk songs?

  2. A Definition and Brief History of Folk Music

    Feb 13, 2019 · American Folk Music . Traditionally sung and played within communities, that is, not created or produced for popular consumption, American folk music became embedded in mainstream tradition, creating some combination of folk and pop music, during the mid-20th Century "folk music revival.

  3. Folk music | Britannica

    Folk music, type of traditional and generally rural music that originally was passed down through families and other small social groups. Typically, folk music, like folk literature, lives in oral tradition; it is learned through hearing rather than reading.

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  4. Folk music - Wikipedia

    This type of folk music also includes fusion genres such as folk rock, folk metal, and others. While contemporary folk music is a genre generally distinct from traditional folk music, in U.S. English it shares the same name, and it often shares the same performers and venues as traditional folk music.

  5. What is the purpose of folk music? |

    Question: What is the purpose of folk music? Art for Art's Sake: There was a 20th century movement that attempted to show that art serves no functional purpose with regards to survival.

  6. What is the purpose of folk music? - Answers

    Folk music is the traditional style of music for telling stories. Lyrics and acoustic instruments are important in folk music. Folk music can also be called/connected to World and Roots music.

  7. Recognize the importance of folk music in preserving history ...

    Feb 17, 2015 · Folk music provides an outlet for individuals across boundaries of race, class and location to express their highest joys and their deepest sorrows. Classical music is often heralded for its stirring emotion, yet only a select number of fortunate individuals have access to the instruments and training required to play and compose the music.

  8. What Is Folk Music Example | Graduateway

    The music of the folk revival was narrative pop music with a social conscience. Since then community-driven musical forms such as punk rock, hip-hip have evolved. Now, in the 21st century, folk music has strong influences from all of these musical movements.

  9. Folk music - General characteristics of folk music | Britannica

    Folk music - Folk music - General characteristics of folk music: Where a folk song originated is rarely known to its community, and thus the anonymity of the creative process was once considered a major criterion of folk music identification. It has become clear, however, that folk songs and other pieces are the result of individual creation, either by villagers or by professional or church ...