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  1. What to Serve with Split Pea Soup: 17 Sides for a Cozy Meal ... › what-to-serve-with
    • Rye Bread With Katenspek. I met a couple of lovely Dutch girls recently, and we were talking about food. They said split pea soup is a traditional dish in Holland, and it’s always served with sliced rye bread topped with a ham called Katenspek.
    • Garlic Croutons/Fried Garlic Bread. Another European friend’s Mom used to make fried croutons to put into split pea soup, and they’d sizzle thrillingly as they hit the soup.
    • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. What could be better than this classic soup and sandwich pairing? American cheese is the original, but what ditching the white bread and American cheese, and elevating your sandwich a little?
    • Cornbread. Cornbread is so easy to make, and a little bit of heaven coming out of the oven. There are fantastic mix-ins that will make it more exciting and suited to your tastes.
  2. Things to Eat With Split Pea Soup | eHow › info_8307317_things-eat-split-pea

    Some recipes for split pea soup call for chunks of ham to be served in the soup. If you do not want to put the ham into the soup, you can always use the two together in other ways. If you are serving a spiral ham as a main course, split pea soup makes a complementary appetizer. Split pea soup also works as a side for a ham sandwich.

  3. What would you serve with Split Pea Soup? › mypage_public_journal

    Jul 10, 2015 · Here is what I have opted to serve with my split pea soup: -6 oz. glasses of chilled, home canned tomato juice -Fresh veggies - baby carrots, celery and cauliflower -Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread

  4. Menu ideas to go with Split Pea Soup - Home Cooking - Soup › post › menu-ideas-split-pea-soup

    Dec 27, 2014 · Menu ideas to go with Split Pea Soup. Hello folks! I've invited my folks over for dinner next week. I told them if they let me have the ham bone from the Christmas ham, I'd make them split pea soup. So that is on the menu. I also plan on making a couple of loaves of bread and either a pear or apple cake. But this doesn't seem like enough food.

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  6. What are some good side dishes to serve with split pea soup ... › What-are-some-good-side-dishes-to

    Something light and acidic, like bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, or a salad with a lemony vinaigrette. pea soup can be a bit stodgy, so you need something to brighten it up. Perhaps a side of home made coleslaw, with a honey-mustard dressing. 5.3K views

  7. What do you eat with split pea soup? - Quora › What-do-you-eat-with-split-pea-soup

    A pork roast will also do, and if there is not enough meat, you can ad bacon (Doerrfleisch), ham, or sausages, such as Frankfurters. In the area I come from it is traditional to serve Sauerkraut with split pea soup, which people can ad to the soup according to taste. The soup is always served with crusty rye bread.

  8. What should I serve with pea soup? - › what-should-i-serve-with-pea-soup

    Jan 15, 2020 · Classic croutons work as well for split pea soup as any other soup. If you didn't add bacon crumbles, you can serve them on the side. Add hints of freshness by garnishing the soup with fresh chopped chives, parsley or green onions. For a woodsy treat, add sauteed mushrooms on top.

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