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  2. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Wikipedia › Star_Trek_V:_The_Final_Frontier

    Box office. $63 million. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is a 1989 American science fiction film directed by William Shatner and based on the television series Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry. It is the fifth installment in the Star Trek film series, and takes place shortly after the events of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).

  3. The Last Frontier (1955) - Filming & Production - IMDb › title › tt0049431

    The Last Frontier (1955) - Filming & Production - IMDb.

  4. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier | Memory Alpha | Fandom › wiki › Star_Trek_V
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    On the desert planet Nimbus III, a scavenger named J'onn is digging holes in a field. He stops digging and sees, emerging from the dust in the distance, a man riding towards him on a horse. Dismounting from the horse, this man has a strange power to cleanse people of their emotional "pain", which he uses to join the scavenger to his cause. "What is it you seek?" he asks. The man tells him he seeks what he seeks, what all men have sought since time itself began – the ultimate knowledge. To fin...

    Act One

    The newly-demoted Captain James T. Kirk is back on Earth, spending his shore leave free climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in North America. Halfway up he is greeted by Spock, who has followed him wearing levitation boots. Dr. McCoy is watching with binoculars from a safe distance while cursing Kirk's "irresponsibility" for climbing the mountain. In a moment of distraction, Kirk falls off of El Capitan. Spock dives after him. After a terrifying moment for the captain, he's snatched...

    Act Two

    The Enterprise arrives first at Nimbus III. Paradise City demands to know their intentions but Kirk tells Uhura to respond with static and make them think they are having some difficulties – which is not far from the truth. Kirk tries to simply beam the hostages aboard but Scott tells him that the transporter is still inoperative. The captain realizes they'll have to go down and take them out by force. However, Spock detects the Bird-of-Prey entering the area leaving them 1.9 hours before the...

    "USS Enterprise, shakedown cruise report. I think this new ship was put together by monkeys! Oh, she's got a fine engine, but half the doors won't open! And guess whose job it is to make it right!"
    "Captain's log, stardate: 845... (malfunction, tapping sounds) Captain's log, stardate: 84... (malfunction, computer voice saying "Good morning, captain.") That's... forget it."

    "Each man hides a secret pain. It must be exposed and reckoned with. It must be dragged from the darkness and forced into the light." 1. - Sybok, talking to J'onn "'You'll have a great time, Bones. You'll enjoy your shore leave. You'll be able to relax.' You call this relaxing? I'm a nervous wreck. If I'm not careful I might end up talking to myself." 1. - McCoy, talking to himself "Captain, I do not think you realize the gravity of your situation." "On the contrary, gravity is the foremost on my mind!" 1. - Spock, with levitation boots, and Kirk "Goddamn irresponsible! Playing games with life!" 1. - McCoy "Mind if we drop in for dinner?" 1. - Kirk, to McCoy, after Spock saves him from his fall "Borgus frat! 'Let's see what she's got,' said the captain. And then we found out, didn't we?!" 1. - Scott, complaining about the shape of the Enterprise "You really piss me off, Jim! Human life is far too precious to risk on crazy stunts!" 1. - McCoy, to Kirk "I've always known I'll die alon...

    Co-Writer and Director William Shatner once remarked that he initially intended this movie to be written by thriller and fantasy author Eric Van Lustbader. "My biggest failure [in the making of the...
    William Shatner stated in his memoir Star Trek Movie Memories(1995, pp. 278-279) that he came up with the story idea of the search for what turned out to be a false god, while he was watching the a...
    Though Paramount Pictures President Frank Mancuso, Sr. was a religious man, he was sympathetic to Shatner's story outline and green-lit the production of the movie when Shatner pitched his story ou...
    Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry had, since Star Trek: The Motion Picture, no formal creative say in the Star Trek films by that time, only the title of "Executive Consultant". All subsequent mov...

    The novel The Fire and the Rose shows that as Spock began to regret undertaking the Kolinahr, that he remembered what Kirk had told Sybok about how the regrets and the pain one carries with them is part of what makes them who they are and it does help in Spock's decision to reverse the Kolinahr. The Sha Ka Ree entity is identified in The Q Continuum trilogy as The One, a being that was drawn into this universe through the Guardian of Forever by the entity known as 0, subsequently being defeated in a confrontation with the Q Continuumand locked away in the galactic center – having been reduced to only a head – until His repentance or the heat death of the universe, "whichever comes first." Vonda McIntyre's novelizations of the three previous films had Hikaru Sulu's rank at captain (based on cut material from Star Trek II) for sake of continuity within the novels. When J.M. Dillard wrote the novelization of Star Trek V, she included a reference that Sulu had taken a temporary reductio...


    All credits Uncredited co-stars 1. Gene Cross as Sybok's follower 2. David Dewitt 3. Patrick Michael as Enterprise-A crewman 4. Susan Savage 5. Carey Scott as voice of a teenage Spock (deleted scene) 6. Mike Smithson as Klingon helmsman 7. Adrian Tafoya as 7.1. Nimbus III bar patron 7.2. "Wrinkles" 8. Rhoda Williamsas alien vocals 9. Ilona Wilson as Nimbus III bar patron 10. Unknown performers as 10.1. "Ape Face" 10.2. "Bone Head" 10.3. "Dark Eyes" 10.4. "Leather Face" 10.5. "Long Face" 10.6....


    2267; "above all"; "after all"; alcohol; Alien horse; "all right"; ancestor; Andorian language; angry; animal; arrest; arrival; arrogance; ass; attack; attack course; attack range; "at last"; "at once"; attention; "at this moment"; audience; authority; backpack; "bad news"; banishment; barricade; bath; bay doors; bean; bearing; belief; "be my guest"; birth; blizzard; blowscreen; binoculars; bipodal seeds; brig; boat; "Bones"; booster rocket; bourbon; bowl; brainwashing; brig; brother; "by any...

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  5. Star Trek: 5 Reasons The Final Frontier Is The Worst Film ... › star-trek-5-reasons-the-final
    • Insurrection: It Fundamentally Fails Star Trek. Technology is bad and nature is not bad. In simplistic terms, that is the whole conceit of Star Trek: Insurrection.
    • Final Frontier: It Almost Killed Star Trek. The Final Frontier is the worst movie to feature the TOS cast and is probably the worst Star Trek movie in general, but bad movies have made a ton of money in the past.
    • Insurrection: Picard Is Wrong. Picard is super loyal to Starfleet and though he has violated The Prime Directive in the past, he mostly seems to respect the rules of Starfleet.
    • Final Frontier: What Does God Need With A Starship? The Final Frontier's whole "search for God" plot is a cool idea on paper, but in practice, it's very flawed.
  6. Star Trek - Wikipedia › wiki › Star_Trek

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: June 9, 1989 () William Shatner: David Loughery: William Shatner, Harve Bennett & David Loughery Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: December 6, 1991 () Nicholas Meyer Nicholas Meyer & Denny Martin Flinn Leonard Nimoy and Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal: Ralph Winter and Steven-Charles Jaffe

  7. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Quotes, Movie quotes – Movie ... › s-movie › star-trek-v-the

    Title Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Year 1989 Director William Shatner Genre Sci-Fi, Thriller, Adventure, Action

  8. The Far Frontier (1948) - IMDb › title › tt0041347

    The Far Frontier ( 1948) The Far Frontier. Passed | 1h 7min | Western | 29 December 1948 (USA) Willis Newcomb and Bart Carroll head a gang engaged in smuggling wanted-American criminals back into the United States from Mexico. Operating from Sharperville, an oil town on the American ... See full summary ».

  9. The Final Frontier - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Final_Frontier

    The Final Frontier is the fifteenth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden.It was released on 13 August 2010 in Germany, Austria and Finland, 17 August in North America, 18 August in Japan, and 16 August worldwide.

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