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    Where does the saying " Crying uncle " come from?

    What was the original rating of Cry Uncle?

    How old was Debbi Morgan in the movie Cry Uncle?

    Why do Children Say Uncle, my Best uncle?

  2. World Wide Words: Say (or cry) uncle › qa › qa-say1

    This call by one child for another to submit or cry for mercy — which appears variously as say uncle!, cry uncle! or holler uncle! — is first recorded in print in the US early in the twentieth century.

  3. Where did the saying “cry uncle” come from? - Quora › Where-did-the-saying-cry-uncle

    I would have thought it was an American idiom but according to Phrases. org, it originated in the Roman empire.. It seems that while "crying uncle" is today regarded as an Americanism, its origins go all the way back to the Roman Empire.

  4. Cry Uncle (1971) - IMDb › title › tt0066960

    Trivia A search of the Harnett County, NC registry of vital statistics shows that Debbi Morgan, who was present in the film's unsimulated sex scene, was born in 1951, not 1956, and thus was 19, not 14, when this film was released.

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  5. Where did the phrase 'Say Uncle' come from? - Quora › Where-did-the-phrase-Say-Uncle

    Originally Answered: Where does the term come from from to "cry uncle"? Oddly enough, this phrase may have originated from a popular joke in the 1890's. The earliest printed record of the joke I could find was from The Railroad Trainman, Volume 9 published in 1892, itself referencing a publication called London Tit-Bits.

  6. Say 'UNCLE' - phrase meaning and origin › bulletin_board › 7

    Jan 25, 2001 · It seems that while "crying uncle" is today regarded as an Americanism, its origins go all the way back to the Roman Empire. Roman children, when beset by a bully, would be forced to say "Patrue, mi Patruissimo," or "Uncle, my best Uncle," in order to surrender and be freed. As to precisely "why" bullies force their victims to "cry uncle ...

  7. Cry uncle - Idioms by The Free Dictionary › cry+uncle

    This phrase originated about 1900 as an imperative among school-children who would say, "Cry uncle when you've had enough (of a beating)." By the mid-1900s it was being used figuratively, as in the examples. See also: cry, uncle The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer.

  8. Say Uncle - Wikipedia › wiki › Say_Uncle

    Similarly, the exclamation "Uncle!" is an indication of submission – analogous to "I give up" – or it may be a cry for mercy, in such a game or match. This exclamation has also been assumed by the BDSM culture as a proverbial example of a safeword. Origin. There are several theories on the phrase's origin.

  9. Cry Uncle | Ghostbusters Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Cry_Uncle

    The episode was recorded on July 16, 1986. "Cry Uncle" is an episode all about Egon's relationship with his uncle Cyrus. When Ray announced they caught six Full Torsoed Apparitions and a Vaporous Phantasm, Peter chimes in with a rendition of a verse from "The 12 Days of Christmas." Math was always Ray's weakest subject.

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