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    help. " Smooth Criminal " is a song by American singer Michael Jackson from his seventh studio album Bad (1987). It was written by Jackson, and produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. It was released as the album's seventh single on November 14, 1988. It features lyrics about a woman who has been attacked in her apartment by a "smooth criminal".

    • "Smooth Criminal" (instrumental)
    • November 14, 1988
    • 1986–87
    • Pop, R&B
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    Jackson takes the role of onlooker in the song, coming across the victim and asking her over and over - "Annie are you OK?" Apparently, Annie is not OK, as she's been struck by the smooth criminal. This song was a highlight of Jackson's live shows, where he performed variations of the 45-degree lean popularized in the video, often leaving the ...

  4. Nov 21, 2019 · But even more troubling, Jackson’s odd behavior started morphing into something possibly criminal. In 1993, the LAPD began investigating the singer after a 13-year-old boy accused Jackson of sexual molestation. The following year, Jackson agreed to pay his accuser an undisclosed amount to drop the civil lawsuit.

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  6. “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson - Song Meanings and Facts › smooth-criminal-by

    Oct 18, 2019 · “Smooth Criminal” was written exclusively by the multi-talented Michael Jackson. And he also co-produced the song alongside the legendary Quincy Jones. All of this combined contributes to “Smooth Criminal” being one of the more-recognizable songs in Michael Jackson’s unparalleled repertoire.

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    Michael Jackson based this song on mafia and criminal movies from the 1940-1950s. The early demo version of Smooth Criminal was known as Al Caponebefore it was polished and finished. The phrase "Annie, are you okay?" repeated in the song's refrain references a training practice used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (commonly known as CPR) classes. Resusci Annie is a widely-used practice mannequin throughout English-speaking countries, and students are taught to assess the condition of the recipient of CPR before performing the technique; this is commonly done by instructing trainees to ask the question, "Annie, are you okay?" prior to administering CPR in order to determine whether or not the patient is conscious and responsive. During the recording of Bad, Michael Jackson was known to have taken a CPR class.

    Written and composed by Michael Jackson
    Solo and background vocals and clap: Michael Jackson
    Drums: Bill Bottrell, John Robinson and Bruce Swedien
    Guitar: David Williams

    As he came into the window It was the sound of a crescendo He came into her apartment He left the bloodstains on the carpet She ran underneath the table He could see she was unable So she ran into the bedroom She was struck down, it was her doom Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok Are you ok, Annie Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok Are you ok, Annie Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie? Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie? (Annie are you ok?) (Will you tell us that you're ok?) (There's a sign in the window) (That he struck you - a crescendo Annie) (He came into your apartment) (He left the bloodstains on the carpet) (Then you ran into the bedroom) (You were struck down) (It was your doom) Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie? Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie? Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie? You've been hit by You've been hit by A smooth criminal So they c...

    This song charted at no.2 on the R&B singles chart and no.7 on the Hot 100 in the US. This song also charted at no.8 in the UK, where it gave Michael a record seventh Top 30 hit from one album.

    This song had later been adapted into a short movie called "Smooth Criminal" and also served has the main centerpiece for the anthology movie Moonwalkerwhich was released in 1988. The song itself was also extended and also included extra lyrics in the song.

    In the arcade version of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, "Smooth Criminal" is used as the background music for Round 2 which is called "Amusement Quarter". Also in the arcade version clips from the actual version of Smooth Criminal song are used when Michael does some of his dance attacks. Mr. Big appears in this game as the final boss and Michael Jackson is seen with his white hat and white clothing.

    In 2001, Alien Ant Farm made a cover versionout of this song.
    There is a cover version of Smooth Criminal done by some of the cast from "Glee".
    Chris Brown dressed up and danced similar to the music video of Smooth Criminal in his She Ain't Youmusic video.
    Smooth Criminal evolved from another of Michael Jackson's songs, Chicago 1945.
  8. Experts Reveal How Michael Jackson Did His Iconic 'Smooth ... › entertainment › music-experts

    May 24, 2018 · Experts Reveal How Michael Jackson Did His Iconic 'Smooth Criminal' Lean. ... Researchers have looked into the gravity defying lean and come to the conclusion that the dancer's shoes were fitted ...

    • Stewart Perrie
  9. How Michael Jackson Pulled Off His Unnatural Lean In Smooth ... › pop-culture › michael-jackson

    May 27, 2018 · Comment. Even after his untimely death, the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson, left many baffled by the famous gravity-defying tilt he pulled off in his "Smooth Criminal" video way back in 1987, but now we have a theory on how he pulled it off. The late singer was quite famous for his eccentric dance moves and is indubitably responsible ...

  10. What Does “Annie Are You OK?” From Michael Jackson’s “Smooth ... › 2015/01/08 › what-does-annie-are-you-ok

    Jan 08, 2015 · From Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” Mean??? By raul on January 8, 2015 in Michael Jackson Michael Jackson “ Smooth Criminal ” was the seventh single from the 1987 “ Bad” album. Billions of people have probably sung the Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” chorus of “Annie, are you OK?

  11. Michael Jackson Lean - The Secret Behind His Patented Shoes ... › michael-jackson-lean-the

    Feb 17, 2020 · For his “Smooth Criminal” music video, Michael Jackson debuted his new dance move – defying gravity by leaning forward and impossible 45 degrees. Most people assumed he achieved this through camera tricks and wires, which is why audiences were shocked when Jackson successfully showed off the same move during a live performance.

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