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      • Cassie Logan. Cassie, who attends fourth grade at a black school in the South, narrates the story in first person.
      • Stacey Logan. Stacey is Cassie’s older brother. He attends seventh grade, which puts him in the same class his mother teaches.
      • Mama
      • Papa. Papa, whose name is David Logan, is usually away, working on the railroad to support his family and their land so that they can maintain their independence.
      • L.T. Morrison. Papa brings Mr. Morrison to live with the Logans while he’s working on the railroad. ...
      • Uncle Hammer. Papa’s brother, Hammer Logan, works in Chicago and earns a very decent living with his job. He’s able to afford a luxury car and dresses well.
      • T.J. Avery. T.J. is Stacey’s friend, though none of the other Logan children like him very much.
      • The Wallaces. There are three Wallace brothers: Kaleb, Thurston, and Dewberry. They are violent, racist white people who own a local general store.
      • Charlie Simms. Charlie Simms is the father of the Simms children, and he’s described as “a mean-looking man.” He pushes Cassie off the sidewalk because she accidentally bumps into his ...
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  2. Cry Uncle | Tom and Jerry Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Cry_Uncle

    Characters Starring. Tom; Jerry; Featuring. Uncle Pecos; Auntie Spinner; Synopsis Plot. One night, Tom and Jerry are awakened by Uncle Pecos who has come over after being kicked out by his aunt. His music then begins to drive Tom and Jerry crazy and they must focus on getting the guitar. Tom broke the guitar and placed it in the toilet.

    • 1 min
  3. Cry Uncle! - Wikipedia › wiki › Cry_Uncle!

    Cry Uncle!, released in the UK as Super Dick and American Oddballs, is a 1971 American film in the Troma Entertainment library. It is directed by John G. Avildsen and stars Allen Garfield. The story, based on the Michael Brett novel Lie a Little, Die a Little, follows the misadventures of a slobbish private detective who is hired by a millionaire to investigate a murder. The film features one of Paul Sorvino's first screen performances, and an early appearance from TV star Debbi Morgan.

    • Harper MacKay
    • August 17, 1971
    • David Jay Disick
    • Allen Garfield, Madeleine Le Roux, Devin Goldenberg
  4. Cry Uncle! | Tromaville Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Cry_Uncle!

    Cry Uncle! Plot. The story follows a detective who takes on a murder case, complicated by a diverse group of suspects and a lot of... Cast. Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma, has a cameo appearance as a hippie . Reception. During an interview featured in the Special Edition of the film's DVD, ...

  5. Cry Uncle | Ghostbusters Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Cry_Uncle

    "Cry Uncle" is an episode all about Egon's relationship with his uncle Cyrus. When Ray announced they caught six Full Torsoed Apparitions and a Vaporous Phantasm, Peter chimes in with a rendition of a verse from "The 12 Days of Christmas."

  6. Cry Uncle by Mary Jane Auch – The Reading Rockstar › 2018/03/30 › cry-uncle

    Mar 30, 2018 · The mom has her heart set on working on a farm, but she needs much better skill. Sarah is Davey’s friend. Davey is the main character, and also Uncle Will’s nephew. Cry Uncle is about a regular boy, Davey, but soon he finds out that he has to live with his crazy Uncle Will! Read the book to find out what happens.

  7. The Screen:'Cry Uncle' Combines Sex and Whodunit - The New ... › 1971/08/18 › archives

    Aug 18, 1971 · And the cast, headed by Mr. Garfield and Madeleine le Roux (fresh from "The Dirtiest Show in Town"), gave it their all and we're not kidding.Actually, there's a good whodunit plot, from a Michael...

  8. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry: Characters | SparkNotes › lit › rollofthunder

    Cassie Logan The narrator and protagonist. Cassie is the second-oldest Logan child. She has a fiery temper like her Uncle Hammer.

  9. The Wallaces. There are three Wallace brothers: Kaleb, Thurston, and Dewberry. They are violent, racist white people who own a local general store. Early on in the book, Papa warns his children to avoid the store and… read analysis of The Wallaces.

  10. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Characters - › topics › roll-thunder-hear-my-cry

    The narrator and central character of the novel is nine-year-old Cassie Logan, a bright (some might say precocious) rebel who gains a fuller identity in the course of the novel through her family’s...

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