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    • Famous Japanese People and Their Priceless Contributions to the World

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      • Sakichi Toyoda. Sakichi Toyoda was a famous inventor and industrialist. ...
      • Emperor Akihito. Akihito is the current Emperor of Japan. ...
      • Fujita Den. Fujita was a famous Japanese entrepreneur. ...
      • Anno Hideaki. Anno is a famous Japanese animation and film director. ...
      • Abe Kobo. Abe was a famous Japanese writer. ...
      • Sugiyama Ai. Sugiyama is a famous Japanese tennis player. ...,Sugiyama%20is%20a%20famous%20Japanese%20tennis%20player.%20
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  2. Famous People From Japan

    Find out more about the greatest Japanese people, including Yoko Ono, Hirohito, Shinsuke Nakamura, Hayao Miyazaki and Akihito.

  3. Famous Japanese people - IMDb

    Masayori "Masi" Oka is a Japanese American actor, producer and digital effects artist. He became widely known for his role on NBC's Heroes as Hiro Nakamura and in CBS' Hawaii Five-0 as Doctor Max Bergman. Oka was born in Tokyo, Japan, to Setsuko Oka. His parents divorced when he was one month old; ...

    • Naomi Watanabe. Age: 31 years old. Profession: Actor, comedian, celebrity impersonator, fashion designer. IG: @watanabenaomi703. Twitter: @watanabe_naomi. With her confidence, talent, and wit, it’s not hard to see why Naomi Watanabe is the most famous Japanese person on Instagram!
    • Yukina Kinoshita-Fujimoto. Age: 31 years old. Profession: TV personality, movie actress, model, singer. IG: @yuuukiiinaaa. This hot Korean beauty started out as a lingerie model at 19 years old and then became one of the most popular TV personalities in Japan.
    • Masami Nagasawa. Age: 32 years old. Profession: Movie, TV, and voice actress. IG: @masami_nagasawa. Masami Nagasawa has one of the most famous voices in the world being the voice actress behind Miki Okudera from the award-winning movie Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name), and Umi Matsuzaki in Studio Ghibli’s From Up on Poppy Hill in 2011.
    • Nanao Arai. Age: 30 years old. Profession: Model and actress. IG: @nanao_official. Twitter: @NANAO1028. Standing at 5 feet and 7 and a half inches, you can bet that Nanao has got legs for days.
  4. Who Is the Greatest Japanese Person Ever? | News & Opinion
    • Sakamoto Ryoma. “Although I was born a mere potato digger in Tosa, a nobody, I’m destined to bring about big changes in the nation,” wrote the legendary samurai in one of many letters he sent to his sister.
    • Dr. Hideyo Noguchi. The face of the ¥1,000 note, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi was a renowned bacteriologist who dedicated his life to medical research. As a toddler Noguchi burned his left hand, resulting in his fingers being fused together.
    • Ichiro Suzuki. A baseball legend who’s usually referred to mononymously, Ichiro is arguably Japan’s greatest ever sporting export. Playing for Miami Marlins in July, the 43-year-old outfielder surpassed Panamanian “batting champion” Rod Carew as the record-holder for hits by a foreigner in the Major League.
    • Tokugawa Ieyasu. A patient and shrewd general who waited for the right time to take control, Ieyasu was the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, a dynasty that ruled Japan for more than 250 years.
  5. Famous Japanese People | JapanVisitor Japan Travel Guide
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    See a listing of famous Japanese people in the world of art, film, literature, politics and sport plus famous Japanese people from history.This list of well-known Japanese includes historical figures such as Sakamoto Ryoma, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Lafcadio Hearn.From the world of art, music, literature and design read biographies of Yoko Ono, Yayoi Kusama, Yukio Mishima, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tadao Ando, Issey Miyake, Sakamoto Ryuichi and Taro Okamoto.Giants of Japanes...

    William Adams 1564-1620 - the first Englishman in Japan.Emperor Hirohito 1901-1989 - the Emperor Showa.Fukuzawa Yukichi 1835-1901 - founder of the prestigious Keio University and the man pictured on the 10,000 yen note.Honda Tadakatsu 1548-1610 - famous warrior and general for Tokugawa Ieyasu.Itagaki Taisuke 1837-1919 - Meiji-era politician and civil rights campaigner.Kato Kiyomasa 1562-1611 - feared general of Hideyoshi and builder of Kumamoto Castle.Kukai 774-835 - aka Kobo Daishi, polymath...

    Tadao Ando 1941 - Japan's architect of space and light.Fumio Asakura 1883-1964 - prolific sculptor known for his fabulous bronzes of people.Kawai Kanjiro 1890-1966 - ceramic artist an a leader in the mingei (folk art) movement.Yayoi Kusama 1929- - artist and sculptor.Suehiro Maruo 1956 - one of Japan's leading ero-guro manga artists.Issey Miyake 1938 - a pioneering Japanese fashion designer.Ninomiya Chuhachi 1866-1936 - Japan's aircraft pioneer.Taro Okamoto 1911-1996 - Art is Magic.Yoko Ono 1...

    Masao Adachi 1939 - revolutionary, scriptwriter, and director.Shozin Fukui b. 1961 - rock musician and cyberpunk movie director.Takahiko Iimura 1937 - experimental movie director most famous for his films in the 1960's and 70's.Shohei (Shouhei) Imamura 1926-2006 - film writer, producer, and director.Akira Kurosawa 1910-1998 - Japan's pre-eminent movie director.Yoshihiko Matsui 1956 - one of Japan's most respected cult directors famous for the classic Noisy Requiem.Hayao Miyazaki b.1941 - reno...

    Soichiro Honda 1906-1991 - founder of Honda Motor Corporation.Iwasaki Yataro 1835-1885 - founder of Mitsubishi.Konosuke Matsushita 1894-1989 - giant of Japanese electronics.Minoru Mori 1934-2012 - mega-rich international property developer.Toyoda Sakichi 1867-1930 - founder of Toyota Corporation.

    Osamu Dazai 1909-1948 - one of Japan's most famous 20th century writers.Lafcadio Hearn 1850-1904 - author of such works as Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan and Kwaidan.Yukio Mishima 1925-1970 - controversial novelist, effete and rightist.

    Ayumi Hamasaki 1978 - J.Pop diva.Ryuichi Sakamoto 1952 - musician, actor and record producer.Toru Takemitsu 1930-1996 - Japanese composer.

    Charles E. Jenkins 1940-2017 - US deserter, North Korean captive, once a greeter on Sado Island.Junichiro Koizumi b.1942 - Prime Minister of Japan 2001-2006Kakuei Tanaka 1918-1993 - highly effective though tainted politician.

    Ryo Ishikawa b.1991 - young starlet of Japanese golf.Masanori Murakami b.1944 - the first Japanese player in the US baseball major leagues.Hidetoshi Nakata b.1977 - well-traveled Japanese soccer player.Sadaharu Oh b.1940 - Japan's Babe Ruth.Ichiro Suzuki b.1973 - the greatest Japanese export to MLB.

  6. Top 12 Japanese Celebrities | New Idea Magazine
    • Naomi Watanabe. Born: October 23, 1987. Japanese comedian and actress Naomi Watanabe first became famous for her impersonation of Beyoncé Knowles. Since then, she worked as a cast member on Japanese SNL and a judge on X-Factor Japan.
    • Rola. Born: March 30, 1990. Rola is a Japanese-Bangladeshi model and TV personality. She lived in Bangladesh until she was 9 years old, then began modelling after she was scouted in Tokyo during her high school days.
    • Kiko Mizuhara. Born: October 15, 1990. American-Japanese supermodel Kiko Mizuhara started her career by auditioning to become the new face of Seventeen magazine at the age of 12.
    • Yukina Kinoshita. Born: December 4, 1987. Unlike many famous Japanese people, Yukina Kinoshita became popular for appearing on a television show Quiz! Hexagon II.
  7. Who are the most famous Japanese people? - Quora

    There are a lot of famous people from Japan and i can’t pinpoint just a person. For example, Yamazaki Hayao is famous because of his movies/anime and almost everyone in Japan knows who he is. He is even considered as one of the most accomplished filmmaker in the animation business. Murakami Haruki is famous for novels he wrote.

  8. The 10 Most Famous People From Tokyo
    • Joe Coates
    • Yoko Ono. Famous for her marriage to John Lennon, Yoko Ono – a peace activist, conceptual artist and avant garde musician in her own right – was born in Tokyo in 1933 before emigrating with her family to New York after World War II.
    • Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is responsible for bringing dreams to life and joy to millions around the world, through his fantastical animations. Born in 1941, the filmmaker established the legendary Studio Ghibli (often dubbed the ‘Disney of Japan’) in 1985.
    • Hideo Kojima. Japan is known for its huge contributions to the gaming world, and there are few names more respected in the world of video games than Kojima.
    • Marie Kondo. An international success with several books and a new Netflix show that has been making waves, Marie Kondo applies her distinctly Japanese approach to organisation and decluttering using her own KonMari method.
  9. The Top 100 Historical Persons in Japan - Wikipedia

    Ninomiya Sontoku (1787–1856) Agricultural leader, philosopher, moralist and economist. Kondō Isami (1834–1868) Japanese swordsman and official of the late Edo period. Ōkubo Toshimichi (1830–1878) Main founders of Modern Japan. Takeda Shingen (1521–1573) pre-eminent daimyō in feudal Japan.

  10. 5000 yen – Ichiyo Higuchi Natsu Higuchi – more popularly known by her pen name Ichiyou Higuchi – was a Japanese writer of short stories in the Meiji Period. She had a short life (she died at the age of 24) but her works are considered gems of Japanese literature. Marked in her short stories are Higuchi’s experiences living a poor life.

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