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  1. Thunderball (1965) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

    Lamar Boren. ... double: Claudine Auger (uncredited) Ian Bulloch. ... double: Sean Connery (uncredited) Tony Hill. ... body double (uncredited) / crew member: underwater (uncredited) / safety diver (uncredited) / underwater consultant: Bahamas (uncredited)

  2. Thunderball (film) - Wikipedia

    Thunderball was the final James Bond film directed by Young. Filming commenced on 16 February 1965, with principal photography of the opening scene in Paris. Filming then moved to the Château d'Anet , near Dreux , France, for the fight in precredit sequence.

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  4. Thunderball Cast and Crew - Cast Photos and Info | Fandango

    Sean Connery. James Bond. Claudine Auger. Domino Derval. Adolfo Celi. Emilio Largo. Luciana Paluzzi. Fiona Volpe. Rick van Nutter.

  5. Thunderball (1965) - IMDb

    It has action, suspense, sly humor, innovative gadgets and a bevy of beautiful women to include Claudine Auger (as "Domino) who won the title of "Ms. France" in 1958, Luciana Pullizi as the evil assassin named "Fiona", Molly Peters as the attractive masseuse named "Patricia" and Martine Beswick ("Paula") who played the role of one of the gypsy women in the James Bond film "From Russia with Love" in 1963.

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  6. Claudine Auger dead: Bond Girl who starred in Thunderball as ...

    Dec 19, 2019 · FORMER Bond girl Claudine Auger who played alongside Sean Connery in the 007 film 'Thunderball' has died aged 78. The actress - who starred as Dominique 'Domino' Derval - passed away in her home...

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    Like most of the earlier James Bond films, Thunderballis a close adaptation of the Ian Fleming novel with changes mostly for the pre-title credits, the inclusion of gadgets, and an update of technology. The film begins with James Bond attending the funeral of Colonel Jacques Bouvar, a SPECTRE agent who had murdered two British agents. As it would turn out, a woman who Bond notices open a car door for herself at the funeral is Bouvar in disguise. Bond comes to this realization and ambushes Bouvar at his château, where he kills him. Afterwards, Bond escapes using a jetpack to fly to his car parked outside the château where he has a brief battle with his pursuers, during which Bond uses water cannons on the Aston Martin DB5. A major difference between the novel and film versions of Thunderball is that, in the film continuity, Bond was first introduced to SPECTRE in Dr. No and the events of From Russia with Love are also masterminded by the organization. The plot of Thunderball deals wi...

    Directed by: Terence Young
    Produced by: Kevin McClory
    Written by: Kevin McClory, Ian Fleming, Jack Whittingham
    Screenplay by: Richard Maibaum, John Hopkins

    Legal disputes

    Main articles: Rights controversy of Thunderball It was promoted as "Ian Fleming's Thunderball". Yet, along with the official credits to screenwriters Richard Maibaum and John Hopkins, the screenplay is also identified as based on an original screenplay by Jack Whittingham and as based on the original story by Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham, and Ian Fleming. To date, the novel has twice been adapted cinematically; the 1983, McClory-produced Never Say Never Again, features Sean Connery as Jam...


    Sean Connery, who already had a contract to do a certain number of Bond films, returned to the role of James Bond; however, he had started to have reservations about the role and the future of the James Bond film franchise. In February 1965 Connery was quoted in The Daily Mailsaying, 1. "I think it could be better than the last one, but I can't see the cycle going on past that. Though I am signed to do two more - OHMSS and one other. But who knows? America seems to lap them up... My only grum...


    Prior to the agreement in which Thunderball would become the fourth official James Bond film, producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman had planned to follow Goldfinger with On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which some prints of the film claim in the closing "James Bond will return" line. For the film, Richard Maibaum revised his 1961 screen adaptation he initially wrote to be the first James Bond film. John Hopkins was later brought in to add the finishing touches. Since teaming up with...

    At the last minute, a reference to the then-recent Great British Train Robbery was inserted into the SPECTRE briefing near the beginning of the film.
    In the conference room, Agent 007 sits in the 7th chair.
    Throughout the entire film, James Bond never introduces himself as "Bond, James Bond".
    The name of Emilio Largo's yacht, the Disco Volante, means "Flying Saucer" in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. In the 1983 remake Never Say Never Again, Largo's ship is named the Flying Saucer.
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  8. Claudine Auger, who starred as Bond Girl Domino in ...

    Dec 19, 2019 · Claudine Auger in a publicity portrait issued for the film, 'Thunderball', 1965. The James Bond film, adapted from the novel by Ian Fleming (1908-1964) and directed by Terence Young (1915-1994),...

  9. François Derval (Paul Stassino) | James Bond Wiki | Fandomçois_Derval_(Paul...
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    As part of SPECTRE's scheme to hijack a British bomber and its atomic payload, Major Derval was seduced by SPECTRE assassin Fiona Volpe. As Derval said he had to leave in order to proceed to the air base, he was met at the door by Angelo Palazzi, causing Derval to react with shock at seeing his exact double. For a long time prior to this moment, Palazzi had undergone plastic surgery, as well as watching surveillance films of Dervel to copy his body language and accent perfectly. Palazzi unleashed a deadly nerve gas while Volpe shielded her respiratory system, causing Derval to die almost instantly. His doppelganger then proceeded to pose as Derval on a standard NATO training exercise. While airborne, Palazzi opened a small canister of the same nerve gas he used on Derval, causing the flight crew to be killed. Palazzi then piloted the plane with the two atomic bombs into the hands of Emilio Largo, using the an undersea lighted runway SPECTRE made in the Caribbean Sea. His corpse was...

    In the novel, the hijacked aircraft is a Villiers Vindicator, rather than a Vulcan. In the novel of the same name, the characters of Derval and Palazzi were one in the same individual; Giuseppe Petacchi, a NATO airman who had been bribed by SPECTRE to hijack the plane and bring it to Largo. The choice of Petacchi was largely due to his unequaled skill with aquatic landings and his weakness for women and material gain. On completion of his mission, he was murdered by Vargas. In the unofficial non-EON 1983 film, Never Say Never Again, which was based on Thunderball and also starred Sean Connery as Bond, the character of Jack Petachi was a pastiche of Giuseppe Petachi and Francois Derval. In this film, Jack Petachi is a US Air Force officer who conspires with SPECTRE to hijack nuclear weapons through genetic surgery where one of his eyes is altered to match the same retina pattern as the President of the United States, thus allowing Petachi access to the desired weaponry. After finishi...

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