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      • Also sometimes called Aden fever or breakbone fever, dengue causes severe pain in the bones, joints, and muscles. In most cases, dengue fever goes away in a week or two without treatment, but sometimes it causes shock, hemorrhaging, and death.,sometimes%20it%20causes%20shock%2C%20hemorrhaging%2C%20and%20%20death.
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  2. Can Dengue Fever Kill You? - MedicineNet

    Sep 24, 2018 · Dengue can be deadly, but with proper supportive care, most people beat the virus. The prognosis for dengue is usually good. The worst symptoms of the illness typically last one to two weeks, and most patients will fully recover within several additional weeks.

  3. Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

    If you have symptoms of dengue, speak to your doctor. To reduce the mosquito population, get rid of places where mosquitoes can breed. These include old tires, cans, or flower pots that collect rain.

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  4. Nov 02, 2017 · Dengue is transmitted via the bite of mosquitoes that carry the viruses. It is an unpleasant disease that can cause high fever, severe headache, and joint and muscle pain.

  5. Dengue fever - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    Feb 16, 2018 · Dengue (DENG-gey) fever is a mosquito-borne disease that occurs in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Mild dengue fever causes a high fever, rash, and muscle and joint pain. A severe form of dengue fever, also called dengue hemorrhagic fever, can cause severe bleeding, a sudden drop in blood pressure (shock) and death.

  6. How long does it take for dengue to kill you - Answers

    Why can Dengue kill people? you must take a check up if the dengue started before the virus became more or if the virus is more than and cannot be cure that's why Asked in Health , Conditions and ...

    • Dengue Fever?

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      Dengue is deadly disease caused by a certain mosquito (Aedis aegypti). The virus is transferred from a person who has dengue to another person by the mosquito's saliva. Symptoms of Dengue include: high-fever (sometimes reaching up to 42...

    • Does Miracle Mineral Kill Dengue Disease?

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      Yuppers. I think you have a winner. I've been using MMS for 13 days and I am SOLD!! If Dengue Disease is related to a virus then MMS should boost the immune system so that our perfectly healthy bodies can handle it.

    • If you have dengue , what would you do?

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      first thing to do and this is probably the most important thing that you can do is to rush him to the hospital. and from there the medical team can help him recover. also take note that it is important to take him to the hospital as soon as...

  7. How Dangerous Is Dengue Fever? - eMedicineHealth

    Can dengue kill you? Doctor's Response For the large majority of people infected with dengue fever viruses , the prognosis is excellent with complete recovery, although they are likely to feel very ill during the first one or two weeks of the acute illness and weak for about one month.

  8. Episode 42 Dandy Dengue Fever – This Podcast Will Kill You

    Jan 21, 2020 · “The history of dengue outbreaks in the Americas.” The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene 87.4 (2012): 584-593. Rothman, Alan L., ed. Dengue Virus. Springer, 2010: Ehrenkranz, N. Joel, et al. “Pandemic dengue in Caribbean countries and the southern United States—past, present and potential problems.”

  9. Dengue fever (pronounced "DEN-gi") is a tropical infectious disease caused by the dengue virus.People get the dengue virus from mosquitoes.Dengue fever is also called break-bone fever, because it can cause so much pain that people feel like their bones are breaking.

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    Can dengue kill you?? #denguefever #dengue #fever #disease #DengueAwareness #DenguePrevention

  11. When Dengue Strikes Twice | Science | AAAS

    Jun 16, 2003 · One bout with dengue, transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, is usually bearable, but a second can lead to life-threatening hemorrhagic fever. When Dengue Strikes Twice By Dan Ferber Jun. 16 ...