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    私立大学 ( しりつだいがく 、 ( 英: private university )は、私立の大学のこと。略称は 私大 ( しだい ) である。「市立大学」と略称でも同音異字になることから、混同しないように口語では「わたくしりつだいがく」と言うこともある。

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    放送大学(放送大学学園法に基づく特別な私立大学) 了徳寺大学; 麗澤大学; 和洋女子大学; 青山学院大学; 亜細亜大学; 跡見学園女子大学; 桜美林大学; 大妻女子大学; 嘉悦大学; 学習院大学; 学習院女子大学; 北里大学; 共立女子大学; 杏林大学; 国立音楽大学; 慶應義塾大学

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    法政大学(ほうせいだいがく、英語: Hosei University )は、東京都 千代田区 富士見2-17-1に本部を置く日本の私立大学である。 1920年に設置された。

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    出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』. 立命館大学 (りつめいかんだいがく、 英語: Ritsumeikan University )は、 京都府 京都市 中京区 西ノ京朱雀町1に本部を置く 日本 の 私立大学 である。. 1922年 に設置された。. 大学の略称 は立命、立命大。.

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    Egypt currently has 20 public universities (with about two million students) and 23 private universities (60,000 students). Egypt has many private universities, including The American University in Cairo, the German University in Cairo, the British University in Egypt, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Misr University for Science and Technology, Misr International University, Future University in Egypt and Modern Sciences and Arts University.


    There were few private universities in Ghana before the beginning of the new millennium. Ghana has seen a flood of the establishment of private universities and colleges, which is a reflection of the country's stable governance, and the pace of economic growth. Most of these universities are not known to be sponsored by foreign corporate organisations and government universities, and the aim is to avoid the Ghanaian government's excessive payment of bond which is a requirement for all foreign...


    Libya has number of recognised private education institutions and universities, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, ranked and qualified to specialise in academic programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, Law, Medicine and Humanitarian. These institutions include: 1. Al Rifaq University for Humanitarian and Applied Science – Tripoli City 2. Ibn Al Haytham Center for Technology Education and Scientific research – Tripoli City 3. Libyan International Medical University –...


    A number of private universities were established in Bangladesh after the Private Universities Act, 1992 was instituted, and consolidated and re-enacted as the Private Universities Act, 2010. All private universities must be approved by University Grants Commission (UGC) before they are given a permit to operate. See external links for: Private Universities Act 1992. As of April 2018, there were 97 private universities in Bangladesh.

    Brunei Darussalam

    Private institutions must confer the students with external programmes such as BDTVEC (the largest awarding body in the country), BTEC and Cambridge International Examinationspathways. Accreditation by Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council (BDNAC) is very crucial in order to establish a private institution. 1. Laksamana College of Business (Brunei Campus of Kensington College of Business)


    Since 1997, private universities have been established in the Kingdom of Cambodia. 1. IIC University of Technology(IICUT) – Phnom Penh 2. Zaman University(ZAMANU) – Phnom Penh


    In Austria, educational institutions must be authorised by the country to legally grant academic degrees. All state-run universities are governed by the 2002 Austrian Universities' and University Degree Programmes' Organisation Act (Federal Law Gazette No. 120/2002). In 1999, a federal law (Universitäts-Akkreditierungsgesetz) was passed to allow the accreditation of private universities. The Akkreditierungsrat (Accreditation Council)evaluates applicants and issues recommendations to the respo...


    Belgium makes a distinction between free institutions (as: free from the State), which are recognised and funded by the Communities of Belgium(the State until 1990) and follow the same rules and laws as fully public universities, from fully private institutions, which are not recognised nor funded by the authorities, and do not issue valid degrees. Private (free) institutions are predominantly Catholic, like UCLouvain, KU Leuven or Saint-Louis University, Brussels. On the contrary, the Free U...


    Bulgaria has a number of private universities, among which the most renowned are New Bulgarian University, located in the capital city Sofia; Burgas Free University; Varna Free University and American University in Bulgaria.


    Even though Argentina has a robust network of free public universities it also has over thirty private universities accredited by the national Ministry of Education. All accredited private higher education institutions must be run by nonprofit organizations. Other for-profit institutions exist but can not give out official degrees or call themselves universities.[citation needed]


    There are several private universities in Canada that have been granted the power to award degrees authority by a provincial authority. However, the majority of degree-granting institutions in the country are public universities; a result of the Canadian university system's historic reliance on government funds for support. The oldest private universities in Canada operated as seminaries or as religiously-affiliated institutions, although several for-profitand not-for-profit private universit...


    Chile has 31 completely private universities and an additional 14 universities which are run by private organizations (mostly religious) but receive some state funding.


    There are currently three private universities in Australia. Bond University, Australia's first private university, dates from 1987. Situated on the Gold Coast, it runs three semesters per year (correlating exactly with the Northern and Southern Hemispheres' schedules), which allows a student to complete a six semester degree in two years, and an eight semester degree (e.g. Law) in under three years. The University of Notre Dame Australia, a private Catholic university based in Fremantle, was...

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    5 d. geleden · 出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』. 立命館大学 (りつめいかんだいがく、 英語: Ritsumeikan University )は、 京都府 京都市 中京区 西ノ京朱雀町1に本部を置く 日本 の 私立大学 である。

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    首都圏私立17大学(しゅとけんしりつ17だいがく)は、大学広報連絡懇談会「首都圏私立17大学」を正式名称とし、大学相互の広報・連絡・調査等を通して各大学の発展と私立大学の振興に寄与することを目的に1968年(昭和43年)、17の大学で発足した 。

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    May 04, 2021 · 概要. 四年制の私立大学を会員とする大学団体として、1951年7月28日に24大学で設立。1.私立大学の教育研究条件の充実向上と経営基盤の確立、2.大学教職員の福利厚生、3.会員大学で学生生活を送る大学生の充実などを図るべく私立大学に関連する様々な事業 ...

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