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  1. Beatrice d'Este - Wikipedia'Este

    Beatrice d'Este (29 June 1475 – 3 January 1497), was duchess of Bari and Milan by marriage to Ludovico Sforza (known as "il Moro"). She was reputed as one of the most beautiful and accomplished princesses of the Italian Renaissance.

  2. Beatrice d'Este, Queen of Hungary - Wikipedia'Este,_Queen_of...

    Beatrice d'Este (1215 – before 8 May 1245) was Queen consort of Hungary as the third wife of King Andrew II of Hungary.. Beatrice was the only child of Marquis Aldobrandino I of Este but her mother's name and origin is unknown.

    • 1215
    • c. 1234–1235
  3. Blessed Beatrice d'Este - Wikipedia'Este
    • Overview
    • Life
    • Sant'Antonio in Polesine

    Blessed Beatrice d'Este was the daughter of Azzo VI of the Este family by his second wife, Sophia Eleanor, daughter of Humbert III, Count of Savoy. She was the aunt of Saint Beatrice d'Este.

    An account of her life was written, in both medieval Latin and the Italian vernacular, by a Brother Alberto of the church of the Holy Spirit. She was born at the Castello Estense, the seat of her family's power. About her youth Alberto wrote: Passoe li anni de la sua adolescentia in pompe et fauori del seculo: in delitte de la sua carne, in ornamenti et uanitate de diuerse facte come è usanza di nobile femina et seculare.

    The name "in Polesine" does not refer to the area of Polesine, but to its original situation, high ground surrounded by water. The original monastery, founded in the early Middle Ages by Augustinians hermits, stood on an island in the middle of the Po River. Beatrice received the monastery from her father as a gift for her community. Around 1257, she moved into the convent, where she died in 1264. Her body was removed to Padua for burial in Santa Sofia. Subsequently her remains were returned to

  4. Saint Beatrice d'Este - Wikipedia'Este

    Saint Beatrix d'Este (died 1262) belonged to the family of the Norman Dukes of Apulia and was herself the daughter of the Marquis of Ferrara; she was a niece of Blessed Beatrice d'Este. She was betrothed to Galeazzo Manfredi of Vicenza, but he died of his wounds after a battle, just before the wedding day.

    • 1191, Calaone (nowadays a Baone's hamlet - Padua - Italy)
    • 19 January
  5. Maria Beatrice d'Este, Duchess of Massa - Wikipedia'Este...

    Maria Beatrice was born in Modena, the eldest child of two monarchs, Ercole III d'Este, Duke of Modena and Maria Teresa Cybo-Malaspina, reigning duchess of Massa and princess of Carrara. Archduke Ferdinand of Austria with his wife Maria Beatrice d'Este holding Archduchess Maria Leopoldine, standing is Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria-Este ...

    Archduke Josef Franz
    Died in infancy
    Archduchess Maria Theresa Queen of Sardinia
    1773– 1832
    Married Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia and had issue
    Archduchess Josepha
    1775– 1777
    Died in infancy
    Archduchess Maria Leopoldine Electress of Bavaria
    1776– 1848
    Married first Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria no issue; married second Ludwig Count of Arco, had issue
  6. Beatrice d'Este - Wikipedia'Este

    Beatrice d'Este (Ferrara, 29 giugno 1475 – Milano, 2 gennaio 1497) fu figlia di Ercole I d'Este e di Eleonora d'Aragona, sorella minore di Isabella d'Este e Alfonso I d'Este. Sposò Ludovico il Moro nel 1491 divenendo così duchessa di Milano e duchessa di Bari.

  7. Mary of Modena - Wikipedia'Este

    Mary Beatrice d'Este, the second but eldest surviving child of Alfonso IV, Duke of Modena, and his wife, Laura Martinozzi, was born on 5 October 1658 NS in Modena, Duchy of Modena, Italy. Her only younger brother, Francesco, succeeded their father as Duke upon the latter's death in 1662, the year Mary turned four.

  8. Béatrice d'Este — Wikipédiaéatrice_d'Este

    Le musicien français français d'origine vénézuélienne Reynaldo Hahn lui a rendu hommage en composant, en 1907, un ballet pour instruments à vent, 2 harpes et piano, intitulé Le Bal de Béatrice d'Este. Un film muet, Beatrice d'Este, au sujet de sa vie, a été réalisé en 1912 par Ugo Falena et Augusto Genina .

  9. Beatrice d’Este - Wikipedia’Este

    Beatrice d'Este (1427-NC), merc'h da Niccolò III d'Este, aotrou Ferrara ha Modena ha da Ricciarda di Saluzzo, dimezet en 1448 da Niccolo di Correggio, Beatrice d'Este (1475-1497) , merc'h da Ercole Iañ d'Este , dug Ferrara, Modena ha Reggio Emilia, ha da Eleonora di Napoli (1450-1493); dimeziñ a eure en 1491 da Ludovico Sforza , lesanvet il ...

  10. Beatrice d’Este – Wikipedia’Este

    Beatrice d’Este, född 29 juni 1475 i Florens, död 2 januari 1497 i Milano, var en italiensk adelsdam (hertiginna av Milano), dotter till hertigen av Ferrara Ercole I av Este och Leonora av Neapel, gift 1491 med Ludovico Sforza, hertig av Milano.

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