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    Fosse was again nominated for Best Director, Hoffman also received a nomination for Best Actor. Fosse performed a song and dance in Stanley Donen's 1974 film version of The Little Prince. According to AllMusic, "Bob Fosse stops the show with a slithery dance routine." In 1977, Fosse had a small role in the romantic comedy Thieves.

    • Early life

      Fosse was born in Chicago, Illinois, on June 23, 1927, to a...

    • Career

      During the late 1940s and early 1950s, Fosse transitioned...

    • Innovations

      Notable distinctions of Fosse's style included the use of...

    • Personal life

      Fosse married dance partner Mary Ann Niles on May 3, 1947,...

    • Death

      Fosse died of a heart attack on September 23, 1987, at...

    • Gwen Verdon

      Gwyneth Evelyn "Gwen" Verdon (January 13, 1925 – October 18,...

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    Bob Fosse, nome completo Robert Louis Fosse ( Chicago, 23 giugno 1927 – Washington, 23 settembre 1987 ), è stato un coreografo, ballerino, regista, attore e sceneggiatore statunitense . Vinse, primato senza precedenti, otto Tony Awards per la coreografia e uno per la regia.

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    Bob Fosse (n. 23 iunie 1927, Chicago, Illinois, SUA – d. 23 septembrie 1987, Washington, D.C., Districtul Columbia ⁠(d), SUA) a fost un regizor de film, actor de film, coregraf, scenarist, actor american, care a primit Premiul Emmy, Premiul Oscar pentru cel mai bun regizor pentru Cabaret și opt premii Tony

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    Fosse was born in Chicago, Illi­nois, on June 23, 1927, to a Nor­we­gian Amer­i­can fa­ther, Cyril K. Fosse, a trav­el­ing sales­man for The Her­shey Com­pany,and Irish-born mother, Sara Alice Fosse (née Stan­ton), the fifth of six children. When he was 13 years old, Fosse per­formed in Greater Chicago with Charles Grass, under the name The Riff Brothers. After being re­cruited dur­ing World War II, Fosse was placed in the va­ri­ety show Tough Situation which toured mil­i­tary and naval bases in the Pa­cific. After the war, Fosse moved to New York City with the am­bi­tion of being the new Fred As­taire. His first stage role was in Call Me Mis­ter, where he met his first wife and dance part­ner, Mary Ann Niles (1923–1987). Fosse and Niles were reg­u­lar per­form­ers on Your Hit Pa­rade in its 1950-51 sea­son. Dean Mar­tin and Jerry Lewis caught their act in New York's Pierre Hotel and sched­uled the cou­ple to ap­pear on the Col­gate Com­edy Hour. In a 1986 in­ter­view Fosse told an...

    Stage productions

    Dur­ing the late 1940s and early 1950s, Fosse tran­si­tioned from film to the­ater. In 1954, he chore­o­graphed his first mu­si­cal, The Pa­jama Game, fol­lowed by George Ab­bott's Damn Yan­kees in 1955. It was while work­ing on Damn Yan­kees that he first met ris­ing star Gwen Ver­don, whom he mar­ried in 1960. For her work in Damn Yankees, Ver­don won her first Tony Award for Best Ac­tress in a Mu­si­cal in 1956. She had pre­vi­ously won a Tony for Best Per­for­mance by a Fea­tured Ac­tress...


    In 1957 Fosse chore­o­graphed the film ver­sion of The Pa­jama Game star­ring Doris Day. The next year, Fosse ap­peared in and chore­o­graphed the film ver­sion of Damn Yan­keesin which Ver­don reprised her stage tri­umph as the char­ac­ter Lola. Fosse and Ver­don were part­ners in the mambo num­ber "Who's Got the Pain". Fosse di­rected five fea­ture films. His first, Sweet Char­ity (1969) star­ring Shirley MacLaine, is an adap­ta­tion of the Broad­way mu­si­cal he had di­rected and chore­o­g...

    No­table dis­tinc­tions of Fosse's style in­cluded the use of turned-in knees, the "Fosse Amoeba", side­ways shuf­fling, rolled shoul­ders and jazz hands. With As­taire as an in­flu­ence, Fosse used props such as bowler hats, canes and chairs. His trade­mark use of hats was in­flu­enced by his own self-con­scious­ness, ac­cord­ing to Mar­tin Got­tfried in his bi­og­ra­phy of Fosse, "His bald­ness was the rea­son that he wore hats, and was doubt­less why he put hats on his dancers." Fosse used gloves in his per­for­mances be­cause he did not like his hands. Some of his most pop­u­lar num­bers in­clude "Steam Heat" (The Pa­jama Game) and "Big Spender" (Sweet Char­ity). The "Rich Man's Frug" scene in Sweet Charityis an­other ex­am­ple of his sig­na­ture style. For Damn Yankees, Fosse was in­spired by the "fa­ther of the­atri­cal jazz dance", Jack Cole. In 1957, Ver­don and Fosse stud­ied with San­ford Meis­ner to de­velop a bet­ter act­ing tech­nique. Ac­cord­ing to Michael Joosten, Fo...

    Fosse mar­ried dance part­ner Mary Ann Niles (1923–1987) on May 3, 1947 in De­troit. In 1952, a year after he di­vorced Niles, he mar­ried dancer Joan Mc­Cracken in New York City;this mar­riage lasted until 1959, when it ended in divorce. His third wife was dancer and ac­tress Gwen Ver­don. In 1963, they had a daugh­ter, Nicole Fosse, who later be­came a dancer and ac­tress. Fosse's ex­tra­mar­i­tal af­fairs put a strain on the mar­riage and by 1971 they were sep­a­rated, al­though they re­mained legally mar­ried until his death in 1987. Ver­don never remarried. Fosse met dancer Ann Reink­ing dur­ing the run of Pip­pin. Ac­cord­ing to Reink­ing, their ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship ended "to­ward the end of the run of Dancin'." Fosse was spo­rad­i­cally linked with ac­tress Jes­sica Langein the 1970s. Dur­ing re­hearsals for The Con­quer­ing Hero in 1961 Fosse was re­vealed to have epilepsywhen he suf­fered a seizure onstage.

    Fosse died of a heart at­tack on Sep­tem­ber 23, 1987, at George Wash­ing­ton Uni­ver­sity Hos­pi­tal while the re­vival of Sweet Charity was open­ing at the nearby Na­tional The­atre. He had col­lapsed in Ver­don's arms on the side­walk out­side the Willard Hotel. As he had re­quested, Ver­don and Nicole Fosse scat­tered his ashes in the At­lantic Ocean off Quogue, Long Is­land, where Fosse had been liv­ing with his girl­friend of four years.

    At the 1973 Acad­emy Awards, Fosse won the Acad­emy Award for Best Di­rec­tor for Cabaret. That same year he won Tony Awards for di­rect­ing and chore­o­graph­ing Pip­pin and Prime­time Emmy Awards for pro­duc­ing, chore­o­graph­ing and di­rect­ing Liza Min­nelli's tele­vi­sion spe­cial Liza with a Z. He is the only per­son to win all three major in­dus­try awards in the same year. Acad­emy Awards Tony Awards Prime­time Emmy Awards Golden Globe Awards BAFTA Awards Drama Desk Awards Cannes Film Festival Di­rec­tors Guild Awards

    Fosse was in­ducted into the Na­tional Mu­seum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, New York on April 27, 2007. The Los An­ge­les Dance Awards, founded in 1994, were called the "Fosse Awards", and are now called the Amer­i­can Chore­og­ra­phy Awards. The Bob Fosse-Gwen Ver­don Fel­low­ship was es­tab­lished by their daugh­ter, Nicole Fosse, in 2003 at the Alvin Ailey Amer­i­can Dance The­ater. Reink­ing and Ver­don kept Fosse's unique chore­og­ra­phy alive after his death. Reink­ing played the role of Roxie Hart in the New York re­vival of Chicago, which opened in 1996. She chore­o­graphed the dances in Fosse style for that re­vival. In 1999, Ver­don served as artis­tic con­sul­tant on a Broad­way mu­si­cal de­signed to show­case ex­am­ples of clas­sic Fosse chore­og­ra­phy. Called sim­ply Fosse, the three-act mu­si­cal revue was con­ceived and di­rected by Richard Maltby, Jr. and Reink­ing, and chore­o­graphed by Reink­ing and Chet Walker. Ver­don and Fosse's daugh­ter, Nicole, re­ceived...

    Beddow, Margery (1996). Bob Fosse's Broadway. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. ISBN 978-0-435-07002-1.
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    Wasson, Sam (2013). Fosse. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. ISBN 978-0-547-55329-0.

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    Rođen je kao Robert Louis Fosse u Chicagu u obitelji Norvežanina i Irkinje kao najmlađe od šestero djece. Nakon mature, udružio se s Charlesom Grassom, još jednim mladim plesačem, i počeo suradnju pod imenom, The Rift Brothers. Nastupali su po kazalištima diljem Chicaga. Fosse je angažiran za show Tough Situation, koji se održavao u vojnim i mornaričkim bazama u Pacifiku. Kasnije je rekao kako je tijekom te turneje usavršio svoje performerske, koreografske i redateljske vještine. Preselio se u Hollywood s ambicijom da bude novi Fred Astaire. Prvi filmski nastupi bili su mu u filmovima poput Give Girl A Break, The Affairs of Dobie Gillisi Kiss Me, Kate, svi objavljeni 1953. U posljednjem je izradio koreografiju za kratku sekvencu, što je privuklo pozornost producenata s Broadwaya. Iako je Fosseova karijera na filmu neplanirano završena ranim gubitkom kose, što je ograničilo uloge koje je mogao dobiti, nevoljko se preselio iz Hollywooda u kazalište. 1954. je izradio koreografiju za sv...

    Fosse je prvo bio oženjen plesačicom Mary Ann Niles, zatim s plesačicom Joan McCraken od 1951. do 1959., a nakon toga je oženio plesačicu Gwen Verdon, 1960. Dobili su jednu kćer, Nicole Providence Fosse, koja je također plesačica. U sedamdesetima se rastao od Gwen, ali su ostali u braku do njegove smrti. U međuvremenu je bio u vezi s Ann Reinking i Jessicom Lange.

    Fosse je bio inovativan koreograf koji je postigao mnoga dostignuća u svom životu. Tijekom The Pajama Game, Fosse je publici pokazao ključni element svoje koreografije, nešto što je smatrao krucijalnim: element iznenađenja. Za Damn Yankees, Fosse je inspiraciju pokupio od "oca američkog jazz plesa", Jacka Colea. Na njega je utjecaj izvršio i Jerome Robbins. Tijekom mjuzikla Redhead, Fosse je uveo jednu od prvih baletnih sekvenci u predstavi koja je sadržavala pet različitih plesnih stilova; Fosseov jazz, can-can, romski ples, koračnicu i stari engleski dvoranski broj. The Conquering Heroje bio Fosseov najizazovniji komad. Tijekom showa je objavljeno da Fosse ima epilepsiju jer je imao napadaj na pozornici tijekom probe. Njegov uspjeh se, međutim, nastavio i nakon toga, a on je i dalje unosio inovacije u svijet brodwayske koreografije. Uveo je trend osvjetljivanja kako bi skrenuo pozornost publike na određene stvari. On i Verdon 1957. radili su s Sanfordom Meisnerom kako razvili bolj...

    Fosse je za svoj rad zaradio mnoge nagrade, uključujući nagrade Tony za Pippina i Sweet Charity, Oscar za Cabaret i Emmyja za Liza sa "Z". On je bio prva osoba koja je osvojila sve tri nagrade u istoj godini (1973.). Njegov poluautobiografski film, Sav taj jazz (1979.), osvojio je Zlatnu palmu. Prikazuje strastvenog pušača koji podliježe svojim radoholičarskim navikama. Revija Fosse osvojila je nagradu Tony za najbolji mjuzikl, a 2001.njemu (zajedno s Ann Reinking) Nagradu Laurence Olivier za najbolju kazališnu koreografiju. Dokumenatarac Billa Henryja o Fosseovom radu iz 1990., produciran za PBS-ovu seriju Dance in America: Great Performances, osvojio je Emmyja te godine. Interes za Fosseov rad oživio je nakon ponovnih postavljanja njegovih djela i filma Chicago (2002.). Koreografija Roba Marshalla za film oponaša Fosseov stil, ali izbjegava specifične tehnike iz originala.

    1953. Give Girl a Break(glumac)
    1953. Poljubi me, Kate(glumac)
    1955. Moja sestra Eileen(glumac/koreograf)
    Bob Fosse na Internet Broadway Database ((en))
    Bob Fosse na IMDb-u ((en))
    • Mary Ann Niles (1949.-1951.), Joan McCracken (1951.-1959.), Gwen Verdon (1960.-1987.)
    • 23. septembar 1987. (dob: 60)
    • Overview
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    Fosse/Verdon Promotional poster GenreDrama Based onFosse by Sam Wasson Developed by Steven Levenson Thomas Kail Starring Sam Rockwell Michelle Williams Norbert Leo Butz Margaret Qualley Theme music composerAlex Lacamoire ComposerNathan Barr Country of originUnited States Original languageEnglish No. of episodes8 Production Executive producers Steven Levenson Thomas Kail Joel Fields Lin-Manuel Miranda George Stelzner Sam Rockwell Michelle Williams Producers Erica Kay Kate Sullivan Brad Carpenter

    Fosse/Verdon tells the story of the romantic and creative partnership between Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. Fosse was a filmmaker and one of theater's most influential choreographers and directors. Verdon was a critically acclaimed actress and Broadway dancer who won 4 Tony Awards. The story of the entire series unfolds through back-and-forth flashes of the couple's relationship through the years. It includes the reversals of power and status as well as the contexts in which they happened. It also

    The rights to produce a limited-series based on Sam Wasson's biography Fosse were sold to FX Network by executive producer George Stelzner. In the summer of 2016, with the approval of FX creative executives, Stelzner pursued actor/writer Lin-Manuel Miranda and director Thomas Kai

    Alongside the series order announcement, it was confirmed that Rockwell and Williams had been cast as the leads. On November 19, 2018, it was announced Margaret Qualley and Norbert Leo Butz had been cast in series regular roles and that Aya Cash, Nate Corddry, Susan Misner, Bianc

    Principal photography for the series commenced in November 2018 in New York City at Silvercup Studios, and lasted until March 2019.

    • Music Division, Library of Congress
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    Fosse is a three-act musical revue showcasing the choreography of Bob Fosse. The musical was conceived by Richard Maltby Jr., Chet Walker, and Ann Reinking.

    The first idea for Fosse was conceived by Chet Walker, who was in many of Bob Fosse's shows and served as dance captain. Walker began workshops in New York City, where he hired numerous dancers to begin the process of putting the numerous pieces of choreography on its feet. Livent, a Canadian-based theatrical production company, was the producer of workshops and also the pre-Broadway tour. Fosse started its tour in Toronto. A two-month rehearsal period was held at The National Ballet of Canada s

    After 21 previews, the original Broadway production opened at the Broadhurst Theatre on January 14, 1999, and closed on August 25, 2001, after 1,093 performances. The musical was directed by Richard Maltby Jr. and Ann Reinking, with original choreography by Bob Fosse. The co-choreographer was Ann Reinking, with choreography re-creations by Chet Walker and dance reconstructions by Lainie Sakakura and Brad Musgrove with Gwen Verdon as artistic advisor. In 2002, Fosse, featuring Reinking and Ben Ve

    Valarie Pettiford, Jane Lanier, Eugene Fleming, Desmond Richardson, Sergio Trujillo, Scott Wise, Kim Morgan Greene, Mary Ann Lamb, Dana Moore, Elizabeth Parkinson, Julio Agustin, Brad Anderson, Andy Blankenbuehler, Marc Calamia, Holly Cruikshank, Lisa Gajda, Scott Jovovich, Chris

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