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  1. The Korean language also uses Chinese characters to represent certain words. The Japanese language uses them even more often. These characters are known in Korean as Hanja and in Japanese as Kanji. A Chinese person with a good education today knows 6,000-7,000 characters. About 3,000 Chinese characters are needed to read a Mainland newspaper.

  2. Cantonese, historically the language of most Chinese immigrants, was the third most widely spoken non-English language in the United States in 2004. [page needed] Many Chinese schools have been established to accomplish these goals. Most of them have classes only once a week on the weekends, however especially in the past there have been ...

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    Chinese language, a group of related languages spoken predominantly in China, sharing a written script (Chinese characters in traditional and simplified forms) Standard Chinese, the standard form of Mandarin Chinese in Mainland China, similar to forms of Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan and Singapore

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