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    España, también denominado Reino de España, [nota 1] es un país transcontinental, miembro de la Unión Europea, constituido en Estado social y democrático de derecho y cuya forma de gobierno es la monarquía parlamentaria.

  2. Spain - Wikipedia

    Spain (Spanish: España, ), officially the Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de España), is a country in Southwestern Europe with some pockets of territory across the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean. Its continental European territory is situated on the Iberian Peninsula.

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  3. Real Club España - Wikipediaña

    España club was founded 20 March 1912, product of a separation of the previous club Mexico FC which had been founded on 1910 by Alfredo B. Cuellar, Jorge Gómez de Parada and Alberto Montaña . In San Pedro of the Pines Cricket was the main sport, two years later, in order to play football, 6 young Spanish emigrants would undertake the project to create a new club and would form Real Club España.

  4. 2020 Vuelta a España, Stage 10 to Stage 18 - Wikipediaña...

    The 2020 Vuelta a España is the 75th edition of the Vuelta a España, one of cycling's Grand Tours.The Vuelta began in Irun with an hilly stage on 20 October, and Stage 10 will occur on 30 October with a stage from Castro Urdiales.

  5. Felipe III de España - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreña

    Felipe III de España, llamado «el Piadoso» (Madrid, 14 de abril de 1578-ibídem, 31 de marzo de 1621), fue rey de España y de Portugal [a] desde el 13 de septiembre de 1598 hasta su muerte. Felipe III por Juan Pantoja de la Cruz , realizado en torno a 1601.

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  7. COVID-19 pandemic in Spain - Wikipedia

    Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Spain COVID-19 pandemic in Spain Number of confirmed cases per 100,000 residents by autonomous community Disease COVID-19 Virus strain SARS-CoV-2 Location Spain First outbreak Wuhan, Hubei, China Index case La Gomera, Canary Islands Arrival date 31 January 2020 (9 months, 2 weeks and 6 days) Confirmed cases 1,510,023 (PCR -confirmed) Hospitalized cases ...

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  8. 2017 Vuelta a España - Wikipediaña

    The 2017 Vuelta a España was a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage race that took place in Spain between 19 August and 10 September 2017. [1] [2] The race was the 72nd edition of the Vuelta a España and the final Grand Tour of the 2017 cycling season.

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    • 3,324.1 km (2,065 mi)
  9. España Boulevard - Wikipediaña_Boulevard

    España Boulevard is an 8–lane major thoroughfare in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, named after Spain, the country that formerly held the Philippines as an overseas territory. True to its name, several Spanish names abound the street. It starts at the Welcome Rotonda at the boundary of Quezon City and Manila and ends with a Y-intersection with Lerma and Nicanor Reyes Streets in Manila.

  10. 2020 Copa Federación de España - Wikipediaón_de...
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    The 2020 Copa Federación de España is the 28th edition of the Copa Federación de España, also known as Copa RFEF, a knockout competition for Spanish football clubs in Segunda División B and Tercera División. The competition will begin in September with the first games of the Regional stages and will end in November with the final of the National tournament. As part of the new competition format started in 2019, the four semifinalists will join the Copa del Rey first round.

    Platges de Calvià was directly selected by Federació de Futbol de les Illes Balears.

    Tenisca was directly selected by Federación Canaria de Fútbol due to sporting merits.

    National phase will be played between October and December with 32 teams. The four semifinalists will qualify to 2020–21 Copa del Rey first round. Times are CET/CEST,.

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