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  1. General Motors - Wikipedia

    General Motors Company, commonly referred to as General Motors (GM), is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services, with global headquarters in Detroit's Renaissance Center.

    • September 16, 1908; 112 years ago (original company), July 10, 2009; 11 years ago (present company)
    • Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
    • 164,000 (December 2019)
    • US$137.237 billion (2019)
  2. History of General Motors - Wikipedia

    In 2009, GM had renamed itself as General Motors Company, creating its former appellation: General Motors Corporation. On May 30, 2009, it was announced that a deal had been reached to transfer GM's Opel assets to a separate company, majority-owned by a consortium led by Sberbank of Russia (35%), Magna International (20%), and Opel employees (10%).

  3. General Motors Company is the largest American car company. It is based in the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. It was founded in 1908 by a man named Billy Durant. It makes cars and trucks in 31 countries. About 209,000 people work for it. It is the second largest car company in the world, after Toyota.

    • William C. Durant
    • Flint, Michigan (September 16, 1908)
  4. List of GM platforms - Wikipedia

    For most of these platforms, the platform name is the fourth character of a vehicle's VIN, with a notable exception being trucks, for which the it is the fifth character. At the outset of the twenty-first century, General Motors' approach to platforms changed, and so did the nomenclature they use.

  5. List of General Motors factories - Wikipedia

    This is a list of General Motors factories that are being or have been used to produce automobiles and automobile components. The factories are occasionally idled for re-tooling.

  6. General Motors - Wikipedia

    The General Motors Company, kent an aa as GM, is a Unitit States-based automaker wi its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.The company manufactures caurs an larries in 34 kintras, recently employed 244,500 fowk aroond the warld, an sells an services vehicles in some 140 kintras.

    • 16 September 1908; 111 years ago
    • Automotive
    • General Motors Corporation (1908–2009)
    • Public
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  8. General Motors LS-based small-block engine - Wikipedia

    The LS based small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. Introduced in January 1995, it is a "clean sheet" design with only rod bearings, lifters, and bore spacing in common with the longstanding Chevrolet small-block V-8 that preceded it as the basis for GM small-block V-8s.

    • 90º V-8
    • OHV 2 valves x cyl.
  9. General Motors India - Wikipedia

    General Motors India Private Limited is a partnership between General Motors and SAIC that is engaged in the automobile business in India. General Motors has 93% stake in this partnership and the remaining 7% is held by SAIC. It is the 5th largest automobile manufacturing company in India after Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors and Mahindra.

  10. General Motors Europe - Wikipedia

    General Motors Europe (often abbreviated to GM Europe) was responsible for the operation of General Motors ("GM") businesses in Europe. The subsidiary was established by GM in 1986 and operated 14 production and assembly facilities in 9 countries, and employed around 54,500 people.

  11. General Motors – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    A General Motors do Canadá, 100% controlada pela GM, [11] recebeu a garantia de um empréstimo de C$3 bilhões dos governos do Canadá e da província de Ontario. [ 7 ] Ainda no mês de abril, em meio aos problemas financeiros e esforços de reestruturação, a GM anunciou que iria extinguir a marca Pontiac até o fim de 2010, e concentrar-se ...