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    A Generaloberst (English: " colonel general ") was the second-highest general officer rank in the German Reichswehr and Wehrmacht, the Austro-Hungarian Common Army, the East German National People's Army and in their respective police services. The rank was equal to a four-star full general but below a general field marshal.

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    Colonel general (Generaloberst) was the second-highest rank in the Austro-Hungarian Army, introduced following the German model in 1915. The rank was not used after World War I in the Austrian Army of the Republic. People's Republic of China See also: Jiang (rank)

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  4. Generaloberst – Wikipedia › wiki › Generaloberst

    Generaloberst war die Bezeichnung des höchsten regulär erreichbaren Generalsranges zuerst in der Preußischen Armee. Eingeführt wurde er 1854 für Prinz Wilhelm von Preußen , weil Mitglieder des Königshauses traditionell nicht zum Generalfeldmarschall ernannt wurden.

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    Generaloberst est un grade d'officier général de l' armée allemande et de l'armée autrichienne. De 1942 à 1945, il a également été utilisé dans la Schutzstaffel (la SS) en complément du grade attribué par cette organisation (Oberst-Gruppenführer), dans le but de préciser celui-ci.

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    Generaloberst adalah pangkat perwira jenderal tertinggi kedua, berpangkat setara dengan jenderal penuh bintang 4 namun di bawah marsekal jenderal lapangan. Pangkat tersebut dipakai di Jerman dan Austria-Hongaria .

  7. Walter Heitz - Wikipedia › wiki › Walter_Heitz

    Walter Heitz (8 December 1878 – 9 February 1944) was a German general (Generaloberst) in the Wehrmacht during World War II who served as President of the Reich Military Court and commanded part of the 6th Army in the Battle of Stalingrad. A decorated World War I officer and supporter of Nazism, Heitz advanced rapidly under the Third Reich.

  8. Alfred Jodl - Wikipedia › wiki › Alfred_Jodl

    Alfred Josef Ferdinand Jodl (; listen (help · info)) (10 May 1890 – 16 October 1946) was a German Generaloberst who served as the Chief of the Operations Staff of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, the German Armed Forces High Command, throughout World War II.

  9. Generalfeldmarschall - Wikipedia › wiki › Generalfeldmarschall

    The ranks of Generalfeldmarschall, Generaloberst, Großadmiral and Generaladmiral no longer exist in the new German (until 1990 West German) Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr, which were created in 1956. Currently, the highest military grades in the Bundeswehr are general and admiral.

  10. Eduard Dietl - Wikipedia › wiki › Eduard_Dietl

    Eduard Wohlrat Christian Dietl (21 July 1890 – 23 June 1944) was a German general during World War II who commanded the 20th Mountain Army. He was a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords of Nazi Germany.

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