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    Sir George Martin, CBE (3 January 1926 – 8 March 2016) was an English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer, and musician. He was referred to as the " Fifth Beatle " in reference to his extensive involvement in each of the Beatles ' original albums. Martin's career spanned more than six decades in music, film ...

    • Giles Martin

      Giles Martin (born 9 October 1969) is an English record...

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George Raymond Richard Martin (born George Raymond Martin; September 20, 1948), also known as GRRM, is an American novelist and short story writer, screenwriter, and television producer.

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    George Dwight Martin is a former American football defensive end who played his entire career in the National Football League for the New York Giants.

    Martin missed only six games in his 14-year playing career. He played college football at the University of Oregon in the then-Pacific-8 Conference and was drafted by the Giants in the 11th round of the 1975 NFL Draft. He was a part of the 1986 Giants team that won a franchise record 14 games. In January 1987, Martin was one of the team captains for the Super Bowl XXI champions; late in the second quarter, Martin sacked Denver QB John Elway in the end zone for a safety, cutting the Broncos' lead

    On September 16, 2007, Martin began walking from New York City's George Washington Bridge to San Diego in order to raise money for medical care for the first responders to the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States. Costing $150,000, Martin hoped to raise more than $10 million for this cause. World Wrestling Entertainment, among others, sponsored Martin's walk. Martin planned to walk more than 3,000 miles across the nation, from the New York side of the George Washington Brid

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    George Frederick Martin was a British comedian, musician, composer, scriptwriter and broadcaster, often billed as "The Casual Comedian".

    Martin was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England, with Romany blood on his mother's side. He was an accordion player and singer known as "The Boy Baritone". He also played in The Tango Trio. Martin volunteered for the Royal Air Force in 1940, on his eighteenth birthday, serving as a ground crew technician in Ireland and Canada. Martin developed his performance skills in numerous service productions. He married Joan Hewitt in 1942 and had three children – Sue, Ray and Mike. He left the RAF ...

    Martin formed a close harmony trio, The Martin Brothers, with his younger brother, Bill, and his brother-in-law, Bob McGowan. They successfully auditioned for Vivian Van Damm at the Windmill Theatre, London, and turned professional in showbusiness by taking a six-week season. A tour of Scotland followed, then a place in the touring production Buttons and Bows across Germany. Martin broke his leg and the act disbanded, but when Martin recovered, he auditioned again for Van Damm, this time as a so

    Leaving the Windmill in 1952, Martin was signed to the Grade Organization, run by brothers Lew Grade and Bernard Delfont, and began performing weekly variety shows all over the country on the Number One circuit for Moss Empires. He also appeared regularly on television and BBC Radio. His first TV series, The George Martin Show was written by Talbot Rothwell but the format was not right for George and he swore that from then on, he would always write his own material. He quickly became a househol

    Following his divorce from Joan, he married Margaret Mitchell, who had been a leading soprano in the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. They lived in Maida Vale. In 1986, whilst writing for a new Keith Harris BBC series, he suffered a massive stroke which robbed him of his speech and left him paralysed on his right side. He spent his last years in The Royal Star and Garter Home, Richmond, Surrey. In 1992, The Water Rats produced an all star variety show in his memory, at the Churchill Theatre Bromley,

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    Martin grew up playing piano with only a few music lessons. He began to compose music in his teens. Martin played with his own band called the Four Tune-Tellers. He dreamed of one day making soundtrack music for movies. After serving in the Royal Air Force during World War II, Martin went to music school. After he graduated, he worked for the BBC in London. He began working for EMI in 1950. Martin became an assistant at Parlophone Records, a small record label. Parlophone mostly recorded classical music and original cast recordings of popular stage shows and plays. Martin later became the chief of Parlophone Records. He was also its staff producer. Martin was in charge of recording sessions and chose songs for Parlophone artists to record. He made comedy records (often working with Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan) along with his usual jobs, to help promote the label. When rock and roll became popular in the mid-1950s, Martin began looking for rock groups or artists to join Parlopho...

    In 1962, Beatles manager Brian Epstein brought Martin a demo (demonstration record) of his band. Epstein had been trying for months to get the band a recording contract. Martin liked what he heard. He saw that the young band were willing to try different things, and gave them an audition (a studio tryout). All the Beatles passed their audition, except for their drummer, Pete Best. Martin was not happy with the skills Best showed. He wanted to replace Best on their recordings. When the band found out, they fired Best, replacing him with Ringo Starr. Starr had played with them before when Best could not be with them to play. Martin used a studio drummer on their first single, "Love Me Do". He did this because there was no time to audition Starr before the record had to be made, but he never did so again. With Starr as their drummer, and Martin as their producer (who sometimes joined them in playing, to give the records a bigger sound), the Beatles became the most popular act in the hi...

    Paul McCartney, the most "conventional" (normal) Beatle, worked with Martin several times after the Beatles ended in 1970. John Lennon counted on Martin to turn his sometimes "way-out" ideas into finished records, but he did not always like the way Martin worked, and mostly produced his own solo recordings. George Harrison, the youngest Beatle, found many of his songs and ideas rejected by Martin. Martin later said "I was always rather beastly to George," in trying to make more hit records. Harrison also produced (or co-produced) most of his own solo work. He even built his own recording studio after years of making records at Abbey Road. Martin praised Ringo Starr's "super-steady beat", and the sound his drumsgave the Beatles records, but each later worked with other people. Even years after they broke up, Martin still worked with and for the Beatles and the music they had made together. He remixed many of their recordings for re-issues and compilation records. He made several reco...

    • George Henry Martin
    • 8 March 2016 (aged 90), Wiltshire, England
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    Admiral of the Fleet Sir George Martin GCB, GCMG was an officer of the Royal Navy who saw service during the American War of Independence, and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. During his long naval career he took part in several significant battles, for which he was awarded a number of honours and promotions; he commanded ships at Cape St Vincent and Cape Finisterre. George Martin was born into an important naval dynasty, related to the Rowley family, and the grandson of Admiral of

    George Martin was born in 1764, the son of William Martin, a captain in the navy, and his wife Arabella, the daughter of Admiral of the Fleet Sir William Rowley. George's great-uncle was Admiral Sir William Martin, who had fought in the War of the Austrian Succession under Admirals Norris and Vernon. His name was entered on the books of the yacht HMS Mary on 13 December 1771, but he did not actually enter the navy until 20 November 1776, when he became a captain's servant aboard his uncle, Joshu

    Martin saw action at the Battle of Ushant on 27 July 1778, before transferring with now Rear-Admiral Rowley to the latter's new flagship, the 74-gun HMS Suffolk, on 8 December that year to serve under Captain Hugh Cloberry Christian. Suffolk went out to the West Indies and formed part of Admiral John Byron's fleet at the Battle of Grenada on 6 July 1779. Martin transferred to the 44-gun frigate HMS Actaeon, and then to the 14-gun sloop HMS Chameleon, before joining the sloop HMS Rover under Capt

    Martin spent five years without a ship, but returned to service with an appointment to command the 24-gun HMS Porcupine on 9 July 1789. He was active off the coast of Ireland until paying her off on 21 August 1792. The outbreak of the French Revolutionary Wars offered further opp

    Returning to British waters Martin was assigned to Sir John Jervis's fleet, and saw action at the Battle of Cape St Vincent on 14 February 1797. During the battle Irresistible sustained casualties of five killed and 14 wounded. The 74-gun HMS Captain had been present at the battl

    Martin and Irresistible remained off the Iberian coast, enforcing the blockade of Cadiz. On 26 April 1798 two Spanish frigates, the Ninfa and the Santa Elena were spotted approaching the port. Irresistible, in company with the 36-gun HMS Emerald chased them into Conil Bay and bro

    Returning to service with the resumption of hostilities in 1803, Martin took command of the 74-gun HMS Colossus on 22 May and joined the Channel Fleet. He was nominated a Colonel of Marines on 23 April 1804, and the following day transferred to the 90-gun HMS Glory. He remained i

    Martin oversaw the capture of the Italian islands of Ischia and Procida in June 1809, and in October he and his flagship HMS Canopus were dispatched with a small squadron to chase several French ships that had escaped from Toulon under Rear-Admiral François Baudin. Martin ...

    Martin returned to England and went ashore on striking his flag on 14 October 1810. He returned to sea in 1812, flying his flag aboard the 78-gun HMS Impetueux and took command of the forces off Lisbon. He remained in this role for the next two years, shifting his flag to HMS Sta

    Martin continued to serve in the navy after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Advanced to full admiral on 19 July 1821, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth on 27 March 1824, with his flag aboard the 100-gun HMS Victory. He stepped down from the position on 30 April 1827, and on 23 January 1833 was appointed Rear-Admiral of the United Kingdom. He became Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom in April 1834, a post he held until November 1846. He was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Orde

    • 1776 – 1847
    • Royal Navy
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    George Martin (born Francisco Martínez Celeiro; 1937 in Barcelona, Catalonia) is a Spanish film actor. He is known as a frequent star in the Italian Los Tres Supermen series and for numerous parts in Spaghetti Westerns and Italian exploitation films.

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    (Redirected from George R.R. Martin) George Raymond Richard Martin (born George Raymond Martin; September 20, 1948), often called GRRM, is an American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He is best known for his A Song of Ice and Fire series. HBO made the series into a TV series called Game of Thrones.

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    Sir George Martin CBE, född 3 januari 1926 i Highbury i Islington i London, död 8 mars 2016 i Coleshill, Oxfordshire (nära Swindon), var en brittisk skivproducent. Han arbetade på skivbolaget Parlophone och producerade samtliga Beatles -skivor – även den ursprungliga versionen av Let It Be, som sedan mixades om av Phil Spector.

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