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    Gertrude was born in Deilingen, Swabia to Count Burkhard V of Hohenberg (died 1253) and his wife Matilda (Mechtild), daughter of Count Palatine Rudolf II of Tübingen. The comital Hohenberg dynasty, a cadet branch of the Swabian House of Hohenzollern , then ruled over extended estates in southwestern Germany .

    • Burkhard V, Count of Hohenberg
    • Hohenberg
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    English: Gertrude of Hohenburg, also known as Anna of Habsburg (c. 1225 – 16 February 1281, Vienna) was the first Queen consort of Rudolph I of Germany. Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory.

    • 16 February 1281 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584), Basel
    • Basel Minster
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    Jan 22, 2019 · Gertrude of Hohenburg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Gertrude of Hohenberg) Gertrude of Hohenburg (c. 1225 – 16 February 1281, Vienna) was the first Queen consort of Rudolph I of Germany. [edit]Family. She was born to Burchard V, Count of Hohenberg (d. 1253) and his wife Mechtild of Tübingen.

    • Judith of Habsburg, Rudolf II, Duke of Austria, Albert I of Germany
    • Burchard V, Graf von Hohenberg, Mechtild, Gräfin von Tübingen
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    Gertrude of Hohenberg. German queen. Statements. instance of. human. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. Russian Wikipedia. ... Anna (nach Anderen Gertrude ...

    • Agnes of Habsburg
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  6. Albert I, King of the Romans - Wikipedia,_King_of_the_Romans

    Gertrude of Hohenberg Albert I of Habsburg ( German : Albrecht I. ) (July 1255 – 1 May 1308), the eldest son of King Rudolf I of Germany [1] and his first wife Gertrude of Hohenberg , was a Duke of Austria and Styria from 1282 and King of Germany from 1298 until his assassination.

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    Gertrude of Hohenberg (1225–1281), progenitor of the Austrian House of Habsburg; Gustav von Meyern-Hohenberg (1820–1878), German jurist and playwright; Maximilian, Duke of Hohenberg (1902–1962) Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg (1868–1914) Princess Sophie of Hohenberg (1901–1990) Prince Ernst of Hohenberg (1904–1954) Georg, Duke of ...

  8. Gertrude - Wikipedia

    Gertrude of Hohenberg (c.1225–1281), Queen consort of Germany Gertrude of Merania (1185–1213), Queen consort and regent of Hungary Saint Gertrude of Nivelles (c.626–659), daughter of Pepin I and founder of the Nivelles monastery

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    Ia adalah putri Burchard III, Pangeran Hohenberg (wafat 1253) dan istrinya Mechtild dari Tübingen. Kakek paternalnya adalah Burchard IV, Pangeran Hohenberg dan nama istrinya tidak diketahui. Kakek maternalnya adalah Rudolf II, Pangeran Palatine dan istrinya, putri Henry, Margrave Ronsberg dan Udilhild dari Gammertingen .

  10. Rudolf I of Germany - Wikipedia,_King_of_the_Romans

    First, in 1251, to Gertrude of Hohenberg and second, in 1284, to Isabelle of Burgundy, daughter of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy. All children were from the first marriage. Rudolph I of Germany at stained glass in Saint Jerome's chapel in town hall in Olomouc ( Czech Republic ).

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