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  1. Film noir criticism has not always originated predominantly in academic institutions, rather, simple observations made by members of different sectors of the cinematic community constitute the main body of early critical writing, done during a period of time preceding academia’s wholehearted acceptance of film as a relevant field of study.

  2. In summary, film criticism is similar to other literary analysis, but adapted to encompass the unique aspects of the medium. A film review evaluates a film using criteria that is fair given the purposes of the filmmakers. A film critic must write with the audience in mind: not only the reading audience, but the viewing audience of the film.

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  4. COM 291 Documentary Film and Video 3 Credits. Surveys the history of documentary film, including reportorial, exploratory, persuasive, symphonic, compilational, reflexive, and fictional traditions through screenings, lectures, and readings. Provides practice in film criticism.

  5. 7) Psychoanalytical Film Theory:- Psychoanalytical film theory is a school of academic film criticism that developed in the 1970s and 80s, is closely allied with critical theory, and that analyzes films form the perspective of psychoanalysis, generally the works of Jacques Lacan.

  6. Reviews texts on religion and film from 1982-2003 and advocates an approach to the subject that is not explicitly confessional, but still takes religious content seriously in a way secular cultural studies criticism often does not.

  7. Geopolitical interests held the first wave of (European) film festivals in a tight grip until the mid-1960s. 1_3 General Academic Studies on Festivals (Not only Film Festivals)Of gt'eat value to the study of film festivals is the extensive body of literature on festivals that has been produced from an anthropological and sociological perspective.

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