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  1. Huizhou - Wikipedia

    Huizhou (Chinese: 惠州) is a city in southeast Guangdong Province, China, forty three miles north of Hong Kong.It forms part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis.Huizhou borders the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the west, Shenzhen and Dongguan to the southwest, Shaoguan to the north, Heyuan to the northeast, Shanwei to the east, and Daya Bay of the South China Sea to the south.

    • People's Republic of China
    • 516K
  2. Huizhou, Anhui - Wikipedia

    Before the 1987 administrative division adjustment, Huizhou was a region corresponding to Huangshan city and Jixi County of Anhui Province, plus Wuyuan County in northeastern Jiangxi Province. Anhui, the name of the province, is a portmanteau word combining the first characters of Anqing and Huizhou.

    • 13,870 km² (5,360 sq mi)
    • China
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  4. Huizhou Chinese - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Classification
    • History
    • Languages and dialects

    Huizhou Chinese or Hui dialect, is a group of closely related Sinitic languages spoken over a small area in and around the historical region of Huizhou, in about ten or so mountainous counties in southern Anhui, plus a few more in neighbouring Zhejiang and Jiangxi. Although the Hui area is small compared with other Chinese dialect groups, it displays a very high degree of internal variation. Nearly every county has its own distinct dialect unintelligible to a speaker from a few counties away. Fo

    Huizhou Chinese was originally classified as Lower Yangtze Mandarin but it is currently classified separately from it. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences supported the separation of Huizhou from Lower Yangtze Mandarin in 1987. Its classification is disputed, with some linguists such as Matisoff classifying it as Wu Chinese, others such as Bradley as Gan, and still others setting it apart as a primary branch of Chinese.

    In the Ming and Qing dynasties Jianghuai speakers moved into Hui dialect areas. Some works of literature produced in Yangzhou, such as Qingfengzha, a novel, contain Jianghuai Mandarin. People in Yangzhou identified by the dialect they speak, locals spoke the dialect, as opposed to sojourners, who spoke other varieties like Huizhou or Wu. This led to the formation of identity based on dialect. Large numbers of merchants from Huizhou lived in Yangzhou and effectively were responsible for keeping t

    Zhengzhang Shangfang divided the Hui languages into five subgroups, which are also used in the Language Atlas of China: 1. Ji–She spoken in Jixi, She County, Huizhou, Jingde, and Ningguo, Anhui province, as well as Chun'an, Zhejiang province 2. Xiu–Yi spoken in Tunxi, Taiping, Xiuning, Yi County, and Qimen, as well as Wuyuan, Jiangxi province 3. Qi–De spoken in Qimen and Dongzhi, Anhui province, as well as Fuliang, Dexing, and Wuyuan, Jiangxi province 4. Yanzhou spoken in Chun'an and ...

    • 4.6 million (2000)
    • China
  5. Huizhou - Wikipedia

    Ing Huìzhōu (Chinese: 惠州) metung yang lakanbalen king kalibudtang is a city located in (central) dake ning lalawigan ning Guangdong, Maldang Republika ning Tsina.

    • Liu Jinzhou (柳锦州)
    • 4,217 sq mi (10,922 km²)
    • Huang Yebin (黄业斌)
    • Huicheng Distritu
  6. Huizhou dialect - Wikipedia

    The classification of the Huizhou dialect is disputed because it shows characteristics of both Yue and Hakka. Most scholars classify the Huizhou dialect as a dialect of Hakka, but some scholars, most notably Liu Shuxin, consider it to be a dialect of Yue.

    • 110,000 (2002)
    • China
  7. Port of Huizhou - Wikipedia

    The Port of Huizhou is a natural coastal port located on Huizhou, Guangdong, People's Republic of China, immediately east of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It opens into the Daya Bay. Started only 20 years ago, it has moved from a fishing village to another large player in the Pearl River Delta shipping hub.

  8. Huizhou University - Wikipedia

    The campus of Huizhou University is approximately 1.71 square kilometres (0.66 sq mi) in total area, which includes 406,400 square metres (4,374,000 sq ft) of facilities and 131,000 square metres (1,410,000 sq ft) of greenery. It has been awarded the title of “Garden School” by the Huizhou Municipal Government for five consecutive years.

  9. Dongguan–Huizhou intercity railway - Wikipedia–Huizhou...

    Dongguan–Huizhou intercity railway, also known as the Guanhui intercity railway or Guanhui City Railway, is a regional railway within Guangdong province, China.It runs between the cities of Dongguan and Huizhou in the Pearl River Delta (PRD).

    Station №
    Station Name
    Distance km
    Dongguan West (Dongguanxi)
    Xiping West (Xipingxi)
    Dongcheng South (Dongchengnan)
  10. Huizhou — Wikipédia

    Huizhou (chinois : 惠州 ; pinyin : Huìzhōu) est une ville de la province du Guangdong en Chine située à 90 km au nord-est de Hong-Kong. La ville-préfecture, d'une population d'environ 3 000 000 habitants, gère environ quatre millions d'habitants dans son domaine de compétence.

    • Liu Jinzhou (柳锦州)
    • Guangdong
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