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  1. Incorporation (business) - Wikipedia

    Incorporation is the formation of a new corporation. The corporation may be a business , a nonprofit organization , sports club , or a government of a new city or town . Contents

  2. Incorporation - Wikipedia

    Incorporation of a place, creation of municipal corporation such as a city or county; Incorporation (academic), awarding a degree based on the student having an equivalent degree from another university; Incorporation of the Bill of Rights, extension of parts of the United States Bill of Rights to bind individual American states.

  3. Incorporation (linguistics) - Wikipedia

    Incorporation is a phenomenon by which a grammatical category, such as a verb, forms a compound with its direct object (object incorporation) or adverbial modifier, while retaining its original syntactic function. The inclusion of a noun qualifies the verb, narrowing its scope rather than making reference to a specific entity.

  4. Incorporation of the Bill of Rights - Wikipedia

    Incorporation, in United States law, is the doctrine by which portions of the Bill of Rights have been made applicable to the states.When the Bill of Rights was ratified, the courts held that its protections extended only to the actions of the federal government and that the Bill of Rights did not place limitations on the authority of the state and local governments.

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    Articles of incorporation, also referred to as the certificate of incorporation or the corporate charter, are a document or charter that establishes the existence of a corporation in the United States and Canada. They generally are filed with the Secretary of State in the U.S. State where the company is incorporated, or other company registrar. An equivalent term for limited liability companies in the United States is articles of organization. For terms with similar meaning in other countries, s

    The articles of incorporation outline the governance of a corporation along with the corporate bylaws and the corporate statutes in the state where articles of incorporation are filed. To amend a corporate charter, the amendment must usually be approved by the company's board of directors and voted on by the company's shareholders.:10 The articles of incorporation typically include the name of the corporation, the type of corporate structure, the registered agent, the number of authorized shares

    Articles of Incorporation are appended to a Certificate of Incorporation and become the legal document that governs the corporation. In Canada, the process of incorporation can be done either at the federal or provincial level. Companies which incorporate with the federal government will generally need to register extra-provincially in the province that they elect to do business. Similarly, a provincial corporation may need to register extra-provincially if they are to have offices outside of th

  7. Certificate of incorporation - Wikipedia

    A certificate of incorporation is a legal document/license relating to the formation of a company or corporation. It is a license to form a corporation issued by state government or, in some jurisdictions, by non-governmental entity/corporation. Its precise meaning depends upon the legal system in which it is used.

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    Una incorporation (abbreviata legalmente come Inc.) è un tipo di società pubblica prevista dal diritto societario degli Stati Uniti d'America.. Descrizione. Nel diritto societario vigente negli Stati Uniti, una Incorporation o Incorporated Company, nota con l'abbreviazione Inc., è una società per azioni di tipo S che rappresenta un'entità legale separata dalla persona fisica o dalle ...

  9. Dub Inc - Wikipedia

    Dub Inc (previously known as Dub Incorporation) is a French reggae band from Saint-Étienne, active since 1997. They combine a range of styles, including dancehall , dub , ska and rap . Their music is also influenced by African music with their songs being sung in a mixture of French , English and Kabyle .

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    • 1997–present
    • France
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    Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. It is considered one of the Big Tech technology companies, alongside Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

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