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    With a population of 88,138 in 2012, Jaffna is Sri Lanka's 12th most populous city. Jaffna is approximately six miles (9.7 kilometres) from Kandarodai which served as an emporium in the Jaffna peninsula from classical antiquity. Jaffna's suburb Nallur, served as the capital of the four-century-long medieval Jaffna Kingdom.

    • 5 m (16 ft)
    • Jaffna
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    The Jaffna Kingdom, also known as Kingdom of Aryachakravarti, of modern northern Sri Lanka was a historic monarchy that came into existence around the town of Jaffna on the Jaffna peninsula. It was traditionally thought to be established after the invasion of Magha, who is credited with the founding of the Jaffna kingdom and is said to have been from Kalinga, in India. Established as a powerful force in the north, north east and west of the island, it eventually became a tribute-paying feudatory

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    Jaffna District is one of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka, the second level administrative division of the country. The district is administered by a District Secretariat headed by a District Secretary appointed by the central government of Sri Lanka. The capital of the district is the city of Jaffna.

    Between the 5th century BC and the 13th century AD present day Jaffna District was part of various Kingdoms such as Pandya, Chola, Pallava, Kalinga, Rajarata. Jaffna District was thereafter part of the pre-colonial Jaffna kingdom. The district then came under Portuguese, Dutch and British control. In 1815 the British gained control of the entire island of Ceylon. They divided the island into three ethnic-based administrative structures: Low Country Sinhalese, Kandyan Sinhalese and Tamil. Jaffna

    Jaffna District is located in the far north of Sri Lanka in the Northern Province and occupies most of the Jaffna Peninsula. It has an area of 1,025 square kilometres. It is divided into four areas geographically: 1. Thenmarachchi or Thenmaradchi 2. Vadamarachchi or Vadamaradchi 3. Valikamam 4. Jaffna Islands

    Jaffna District's population was 583,378 in 2012. It is one of the most densely populated districts of Sri Lanka. The population of the district is almost exclusively Sri Lankan Tamil. The population of the district, like the rest of the north and east of Sri Lanka, has been heav

    • 1,025 km² (396 sq mi)
    • Jaffna
    • 24th (1.56% of total area)
    • Sri Lanka
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Jaffna Polling Division is a Polling Division in the Jaffna Electoral District, in the Northern Province, Sri Lanka.

    • 11.31 km² (4.37 sq mi)
    • EC-10J
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  6. The population of Jaffna is 88,138. Jaffna is Sri Lanka's 12th largest city. The biggest of all in Jaffna is the Jaffna Fort and Nallur Kandasamy temple. The statue made out of gold was the man who was the person who put Sinhala people and Tamil people together.

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    The Jaffna peninsula was also known in pre-mediaval era as Naga Nadu, which means "Land of the Nagas" as mentioned in the twin epics of ancient Tamilakam, the Silappatikaram and Manimekalai. [2] [3] The Pali chronicle Mahavamsa also refer to the peninsula with the corresponding name as Nagadipa , meaning " island of Nagas ", where it is ...

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    The first organised local government for the city of Jaffna was the sanitary board established under the Sanitary Boards Ordinance No. 18 of 1892. The board consisted of the local Government Agent (chair) and other local officials from the British administration.

    • 1 January 1949
    • E. Arnold, TNA, since 26 March 2018
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    Jaffna är huvudstaden för tamilerna i Sri Lanka, och den fungerade under en tid i praktiken som huvudstad för den tamilska stat som gerillarörelsen LTTE byggde upp i landets norra och östra delar. Sedan 2002 råder en osäker vapenvila, och 27 000 man stark regeringstrupp kontrollerar Jaffnahalvön, där staden Jaffna är belägen.

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    Jaffna: Közigazgatás: Ország Srí Lanka Tartomány: Északi: Alapítás éve: 1621: Népesség: Teljes népesség: 88 138 fő (2012) +/-: Földrajzi adatok: Tszf ...

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    Regatul Jaffna, cunoscut și sub numele de regatul Arya Chakravarti, este o monarhie care s-a aflat în regiunea nordică a actualului stat Sri Lanka și a cărei capitală a fost Nallur. A atins expansiunea sa maximă la mijlocul secolului al XIV-lea.