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    Where John Mark is distinguished from Mark the Evangelist, John Mark is celebrated on September 27 (as in the Roman Martyrology) and Mark the Evangelist on April 25. Relics of Saint Mark [ edit ] A mosaic of St Marks body welcomed into Venice, at St Mark's Basilica , Venice.

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    Mark the Evangelist (מרקוס, Greek: Μάρκος) was one of the followers of Jesus Christ. He is believed to be the writer of the Gospel of Mark. He is believed by some scholars to be the young man found in chapter 14, verses 51-52 of the gospel. The Copts think Mark brought Christianity to Egypt. His Roman name was Marcus.

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    Mark the Evangelist, the author of the second gospel account, is symbolized by a winged lion – a figure of courage and monarchy. The lion also represents Jesus' resurrection (because lions were believed to sleep with open eyes, a comparison with Christ in the tomb), and Christ as king .

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  5. Mark the Evangelist is most often depicted writing or holding his gospel. In Christian tradition, Mark the Evangelist is symbolized by a lion. Mark the Evangelist attributes are the lion in the desert; he can be depicted as a bishop on a throne decorated with lions; as a man helping Venetian sailors.

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    St Mark the Evangelist Church is a Church of England parish church in Upper Hale, Surrey. It is a red brick structure, fairfaced inside and out, with an aisle-less nave and small chancel adorned with murals. The church was consecrated in 1883.

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    Authorship, date and genre. The Gospel of Mark is anonymous. Most scholars date it to just after 70 CE, when Titus (a Roman general and subsequently emperor) destroyed the temple; it was written in Greek, for a gentile audience, and probably in Rome, although Galilee, Antioch (third-largest city in the Roman Empire, located in northern Syria), and southern Syria have also been suggested.

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    John Mark is named in the Acts of the Apostles as an assistant accompanying Paul and Barnabas on their missionary journeys. Traditionally he is regarded as identical with Mark the Evangelist, the traditional writer of the Gospel of Mark.

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    Evangelicalism (/ ˌ iː v æ n ˈ dʒ ɛ l ɪ k əl ɪ z əm, ˌ ɛ v æ n-,-ə n /), evangelical Christianity, or evangelical Protestantism, is a worldwide trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity that maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus's atonement.

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    Luke the Evangelist (Latin: Lūcās, Ancient Greek: Λουκᾶς, Loukâs, Hebrew: לוקאס ‎, Lūqās, Aramaic: /ܠܘܩܐ לוקא ‎, Lūqā') is one of the Four Evangelists—the four traditionally ascribed authors of the canonical gospels.