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    The Ottonian dynasty (German: Ottonen) was a Saxon dynasty of German monarchs (919–1024), named after three of its kings and Holy Roman Emperors named Otto, especially its first Emperor Otto I. It is also known as the Saxon dynasty after the family's origin in the German stem duchy of Saxony .

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    of Habsburg 1271–1297: Rudolf II Duke of Austria 1270–1290: Agnes of Bohemia: Matilda of Habsburg 1253–1304: Louis II Duke of Bavaria 1229–1294 r.1253–1294: Elizabeth of Virneburg ≈1303–1343: Henry the Friendly of Austria 1299–1327: Leopold I Duke of Austria 1290–1326 r.1308–1326: Catherine of Savoy 1284–1336: Henry VII ...

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