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    Mnong language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Mnong language (also known as Pnong or Bunong) (Bunong:ឞូន៝ង) belongs to the Austro-asiatic language family. It is spoken by the different groups of Mnong in Vietnam and a Pnong group in Cambodia.

    • 130,000 (2002–2008)
    • Vietnam, Cambodia and United States
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    Southern Mnong: around 55,000 people in the Bình Phước province of southeastern Vietnam; A number of Mnong live in the eastern Cambodian province of Mondulkiri where they are known as Pnong. Culture. Every group speaks a variant of the Mnong language, which is in the Bahnaric languages group of the Mon–Khmer language family.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Mnong may refer to: the Mnong people. the Mnong language. Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Mnong. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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    Muong is a group of dialects spoken by the Mường people of Vietnam. They are in the Austroasiatic language family and closely related to Vietnamese. According to Phan, the Mường dialects are not a single language, or even most closely related to each other, but rather are an ethnically defined and paraphyletic taxon. Mường dialects are primarily spoken in mountainous regions of the northern Vietnamese provinces of Hòa Bình, Thanh Hóa, Vĩnh Phúc, Yên Bái, Sơn La, and Ninh ...

    • 1.1 million (1999 census)
    • Vietnam
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  6. Bunong people - Wikipedia › wiki › Pnong

    Language. Bunong language (sometimes spelled 'Mnong') is the native language of the Bunong people. It is a member of Bahnaric branch of Austroasiatic languages and is distantly related to Khmer and other Khmer Loeu languages (exclude Jarai and Rade which speaks an Austronesian language closely related to Cham).

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    Sre–Mnong: Koho, Mnong; Kassang is a Bahnaric language (Sidwell 2003), though Ethnologue lists it as Katuic. Sidwell (2002, quoted in Sidwell 2003) gives the following classification for the Central Bahnaric languages. Note that Sidwell (2009) later classifies Cua as an independent branch, namely East Bahnaric. Central Bahnaric North Central

  8. Mon language - Wikipedia › wiki › Mon_language

    The Mon language ( / ˈmoʊn /, Mon: ဘာသာ မန်; Burmese: မွန်ဘာသာ, Thai: ภาษามอญ, formerly known as Peguan and Talaing) is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Mon people. Mon, like the related Khmer language, but unlike most languages in mainland Southeast Asia, is not tonal.

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    Mnong eller Munong (Vietnamesiska : Mơ-nông) är en etnisk grupp inom Mon-Khmergruppen som lever i provinserna Binh Phuoc, Dak Lak och Lam Dong i Vietnam samt i Mondulkiriprovinsen i Kambodja. De talar språket Mnong.

  10. Mnong : définition de Mnong et synonymes de Mnong (anglais) › Mnong › en-en

    Every group speaks a variant of the Mnong language, which is in the Bahnaric languages group of the Mon-Khmer language family.

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    Tiếng M'Nông (còn gọi là Pnong hoặc Bunong ) (Bunong: ឞូ ន៝ ង) là ngôn ngữ thuộc ngữ chi Bahnar của người M'Nông, một dân tộc cư trú ở vùng Tây Nguyên ở Việt Nam và người Pnong ở vùng Mondulkiri ở đông bắc Campuchia.