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    This is an alphabetical list of film articles (or sections within articles about films). It includes made for television films.See the talk page for the method of indexing used.

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    A film, also called a movie, motion picture or moving picture, is a work of visual art used to simulate experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere through the use of moving images. These images are generally accompanied by sound, and more rarely, other sensory stimulations.

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    Most movies are made so that they can be shown on screen in Cinemas and at home. Movies are shown in Cinemas for a period of a few weeks or months, they may be marketed through several other medias. They are shown on pay television or cable television, and sold or rented on DVD disks or videocassette tapes, so that people can watch the movies at home. You can also download or stream movies. Older movies are shown on television broadcastingstations. A movie camera or video camera takes pictures very quickly, usually at 24 or 25 pictures (frames) every second. When a movie projector, a computer, or a television shows the pictures at that rate, it looks like the things shown in the set of pictures are really moving. Sound is either recorded at the same time, or added later. The sounds in a movie usually include the sounds of people talking (which is called dialogue), music (which is called the "soundtrack"), and sound effects, the sounds of activities that are happening in the movie (s...

    A screenwriter writes a script, which is the story of the movie with dialogue and things that the actors will say and do. A producer hires people to work on the movie and gets all of the money that will be needed to pay for the actors and the equipment. Producers usually get the money by borrowing it from a bank or by getting investors to lend money to the movie production. Some producers work for a movie studio; other producers are independent (they do not work for a movie studio). Actors and directors read scripts to find out what to say and what to do. The actors memorize the words from the script that they will say in the movie, and learn the actions that the script tells them to do. Then, the director tells the actors what to do and a cameramantakes motion pictures of them with a motion picture camera. When filming has finished, an editor puts the moving pictures together in a way that tells the whole story within a set amount of time. Audio engineers and sound engineers record...

    A genre is a word for a type of movie or a style of movie. Movies can be fictional (made up), or documentary (showing 'real life'), or a mix of the two. Although hundreds of movies are made every year, there are very few that do not follow a small number of set plots, or stories. Some movies mix together two or more genres. 1. Action movies have a lot of exciting effects like car chases and gun fights, involving stuntmen. They usually involve 'goodies' and 'baddies', so war and crime are common subjects. Action movies usually need very little effort to watch, since the plot is normally simple. For example, in Die Hard, terrorists take control of a skyscraper and ask for a big ransom in exchange for not killing the hostage workers. One herosomehow manages to save everyone. Action movies do not usually make people cry, but if the action movie is also a drama, emotion will be involved. 2. AdventureMovies usually involve a hero who sets out on a quest to save the world or loved ones. 3....

    Most movies lose money but some make profits in the hundreds of millions, be they dollars, euro or pounds. In India movies have become an enormous part of the economy. The industry has always been dominated by a few major movie studios like MGM/UA, Warner Bros., Columbia, Lucasfilm, Paramountor Disney.

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    Subcategories. This category has the following 33 subcategories, out of 33 total. Movies by composer ‎ (21 C) Movies by country ‎ (87 C) Movies by decade ‎ (13 C) Movies by director ‎ (20 C) Movies by genre ‎ (50 C) Movies by language ‎ (24 C) Movies by producer ‎ (6 C)

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    Below is a list of animated movies from Walt Disney Pictures/The Walt Disney Company.For a list of live-action movies from the company, see List of Disney movies.. The following is a list of movies which are said to be the Walt Disney Feature Animation (WDFA) canon.

    Original theatrical release date
    Animation studio
    December 25, 2020
    Pixar Animation Studios
    March 6, 2020
    Pixar Animation Studios
    December 25, 2019
    November 22, 2019
    Walt Disney Animation Studios
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  8. Movies! wikipedia - Yahoo Search Results › tablet › s › wiki › Movies! Cached Movies ! is an American free-to-air television network owned as a joint venture between Weigel Broadcasting and the Fox Television Stations subsidiary of Fox Corporation.

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