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    Tempera painting was the primary panel painting medium for nearly every painter in the European Medieval and Early renaissance period up to 1500. For example, most surviving panel paintings attributed to Michelangelo are executed in egg tempera, an exception being his Doni Tondo which uses both tempera and oil paint.

    • Poster Paint

      Poster paint (also known as tempera paint) is a distemper...

    • Etymology

      The term tempera is derived from the Italian dipingere a...

    • History

      Tempera painting has been found on early Egyptian sarcophagi...

    • Technique

      Tempera is traditionally created by hand-grinding dry...

    • Artists

      Although tempera has been out of favor since the Late...

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      Spanish, Altar Frontal with Christ in Majesty and the Life...

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    Tempera (sometimes known as egg tempera) is a type of artist's paint. It was the main medium used for panel painting and illuminated manuscripts in the Byzantine world and the Middle Ages in Europe, until it was replaced by oil painting as the most popular medium for large paintings. It is still used for Orthodox icons.

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    Tem­pera (Ital­ian: [ˈtɛmpera]), also known as egg tempera, is a per­ma­nent, fast-dry­ing paint­ing medium con­sist­ing of col­ored pig­ments mixed with a wa­ter-sol­u­ble binder medium, usu­ally gluti­nous ma­te­r­ial such as egg yolk. Tem­pera also refers to the paint­ings done in this medium.

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    Tempera, also known as egg tempera, is a permanent, fast-drying painting medium consisting of colored pigment mixed with a water-soluble binder medium (usually a glutinous material such as egg yolk or some other size). Tempera also refers to the paintings done in this medium.

  6. List of paintings by Raphael - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_paintings_by_Raphael

    Tempera on panel: 27 x 50: Vatican Museums: Italy The Presentation in the Temple: 1502–1504: Tempera on panel: 27 x 50: Vatican Museums: Italy Diotallevi Madonna: c. 1503: Oil on panel: 69 x 50: Berlin State Museums: Germany Self-Portrait: c. 1503: Alte Pinakothek: Portrait of a Man, thought to be Francesco Maria della Rovere: 1503–1504 ...

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    Altoon Sultan, The Luminous Brush: Painting With Egg Tempera, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York 1999. Richard J. Boyle, Richard Newman, Hilton Brown: Milk and Eggs: The American Revival of Tempera Painting, 1930-1950 Brandywine River Museum Staff, Akron Art Museum Staff ISBN 0295981903 (0-295-98190-3) Softcover, University of Washington Press

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    Tempera wird nach der Art des wässrigen Emulsionsanteils unterschieden in beispielsweise Kasein-, Ei-, Stärke- oder (Wachs-)Seifentempera. In der Kunst wurde und wird überwiegend die Eitempera oder die Kaseintempera benutzt.

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    Tempera (lat. temperare mješati) slikarska tehnika kod koje se boja u prahu razrijedi otopinom ljepila, a zatim se dodaju vezivna sredstva (žumanjak, arapska guma, ocat i dr.). Tako dobijeni pigmenti razrijeđuju se sa vodom.

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