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      • West Iberian is a branch of the Ibero-Romance languages that includes the Castilian languages, Astur-Leonese, and the descendants of Galician-Portuguese. Until a few centuries ago, they formed a dialect continuum covering the western, central and southern parts of the Iberian Peninsula—excepting the Basque and Catalan-speaking territories. This is still the situation in a few regions, particularly in the northern part of the peninsula, but due to the differing sociopolitical histories of ...
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    What kind of language was the Iberian language?

    Where did the people of the Iberian Peninsula live?

    When did the language of the Iberian Peninsula become extinct?

    Which is the most common script in the Iberian Peninsula?

  2. West Iberian languages. West Iberian is a branch of the Ibero-Romance languages that includes the Castilian languages ( Spanish, Judaeo-Spanish, Extremaduran and Loreto-Ucayali ), Astur-Leonese ( Asturian, Leonese, Mirandese and Cantabrian ), and the descendants of Galician-Portuguese ( Portuguese, Galician, Eonavian, Fala and Judaeo-Portuguese ).

  3. The West Iberian languages are a branch of Romance languages. They were first spoken in central and western parts of Iberia. Spanish and Portuguese are the main languages in the branch. They have been spread to Latin America since the colonial era. There are five branches of West Iberian languages. They are Castilian, Galician-Portuguese, Astur ...

  4. Category:West Iberian languages. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Western Iberian Romance languages. The main article for this category is West Iberian languages.

  5. The Iberian Romance, Ibero-Romance or sometimes Iberian languages are a group of Romance languages that developed on the Iberian Peninsula, an area consisting primarily of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra, and in southern France which are today more commonly separated into West Iberian and Occitano-Romance language groups.

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    Gallo-Iberian is split in turn into the Iberian languages (e.g. Spanish and Portuguese), and the larger Gallo-Romance languages (stretching from eastern Spain to northeast Italy). Probably a more accurate description, however, would be to say that there was a focal point of innovation located in central France, from which a series of ...

    Form ("to Sing")
    Nuorese Sardinian
    cantare [kanˈtare̞]
    cantare [kanˈtare]
    Past participle
    cantatu [kanˈtatu]
    cantato [kanˈtato]
    cantande [kanˈtande̞]
    cantando [kanˈtando]
    canto [ˈkanto̞]
    canto [ˈkanto]
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