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      • For dessert, Romanians enjoy a traditional fluffy cake called cozonac . Romania also has strong Christmas caroling customs that reference Romanian folklore.  The act of going through the village, or from house to house, singing carols dates to pre-Christian times. Today, you'll see mostly children caroling.
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    Romania - Romania - Daily life and social customs: Romanians’ lives are generally guided by the religious traditions to which they adhere. Thus, ethnic Romanians who follow the practices of Eastern Orthodoxy participate in elaborate customs and ceremonies during Holy Week and at Easter. The Hungarian and German minorities, who generally belong to the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches ...

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    • Dream of your future husband on Bobotează. On the night before the holiday of the Epiphany, or ‘Bobotează’ in Romanian, unmarried women are said to see their future husband in their dreams.
    • Dragobete. Seen as the Romanian version of Valentine’s Day, Dragobete is celebrated on February 24. Dragobete, personified as a young handsome man, is the protector of lovers in Romanian folk culture.
    • Cucii. Translated as ‘The Cuckoos’, this is a tradition the whole village takes part in. One of the most colorful Romanian customs, it precedes the start of the Lent and involves beautifully adorned masks and costumes.
    • Martisor. On the 1 of March, to mark the arrival of spring, Romanian women receive, either from men, or from their girlfriends, a small jewel-like ornament tied with a red and white string with hanging tassels.
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    Sep 03, 2019 · The week of the lunatics . In Romania, Easter is celebrated by everyone. Different parts of Romania have their own unique traditions and rituals associated with the re-birth of Christ, however, one custom seemed to be predominant throughout the country: the painting of the eggs.

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    Capital: Bucharest (1,883,425) The capital of Romania is situated on the banks of the Dambovita River. Its residents have taken to nicknaming it Little Paris, or, more grandly, the Paris of the East. It is the most prosperous city in the country, and is renowned for its elegant architecture, vibrant nightlife and museums. Population: 19,511,000 While most of Europe has undergone drastic urbanisation, the Romanian populace is much more spread out, refusing to prioritise urban population centres. Cities exist and prosper as expected, but a large number of families still live and thrive in the countryside. Ethnicity: 88.9% Romanian, 6.5% Hungarian, 3.3% Romani, 0.2% Ukrainian, 0.2% German, 0.2% Turkish, 0.7% otherTransylvania is the heart of Romanian multiculturalism, being host to both native Romanians and Hungarians, as well as the descendants of Saxon immigrants, which make up the German population. The Roma people are more common in the south, especially in the capital. Religion: 8...

    Romanians are a hospitable people who do not shy away from small talk. Expect to talk about things like the well-being of your family, recent travels or interesting events before getting to the business at hand. Greetings What gets you far anywhere else will do so in Romania too. A firm handshake and maintaining eye contact is the proper way to greet one another. Hugs are reserved for friends or relatives. First names are freely given, though it is polite to address acquaintances not of your age by an honorific title (such as Mr. or Ms. – ‘Domnul’ and ‘Doamna’ respectively) and the family name. Women are usually greeted by kissing their cheeks, starting with the left. On formal occasions, such as weddings, when visiting relatives or the elderly, or seeing someone you have not seen in a long time, cheek kissing is expected. Young people tend to consider the act of kissing a woman’s hand as outdated and overly refined, though most certainly appreciate the act and consider it gentleman...

    Romanians tend to be relatively introverted and shy, though once they open up, you are guaranteed to form a lasting friendship. First impressions count, and most choose to be silent rather than risking saying something impolite or foolish. Meeting someone’s gaze in public is not as taboo as in other countries in Europe, though, unsurprisingly, staring is. Despite their shyness, Romanians are exceedingly friendly people. While some choose to avoid uncomfortable social situations, others freely socialise in the streets, restaurants or cafes and will often strike up conversations with complete strangers on the bus. As a matter of fact, while not all Romanians are comfortable speaking English, you will undoubtedly find some who will be more than willing to practice their knowledge of the language with you. Breaking the language barrier between natives and strangers is quite a common pastime, with tourists being quite a rarity in areas that are not near Bucharest. As such, many take adva...

    Romania is still heavily bureaucratic, which makes conducting business a slow, arduous process that often requires you to run from place to place. Many immigrants find themselves wading through hundreds of papers and laws in order to receive documents that would otherwise have been easily acquired. Forming Business Relationships Business in Romania is highly formal, and it is expected that you use proper etiquette. This does not always hold up in the workplace – people who have gotten to know each other can skip the formalities and be as comfortable as they desire around one another, within reason. In regards to personality, Romanians tend to be relatively humble and dislike people who boast. They prefer polite, friendly and funny people to detached or arrogant ones. Developing a personal relationship with a Romanian colleague is a process that should not be rushed. Some can be slow to open themselves up to a stranger, though once they do they will consider you one of their own. Onc...

    After the 1989 Revolution, many plots of land became extraordinarily cheap, encouraging opportunists to invest and plan in architecture and real estate. The financial crisis of 2008 hit Romania just as hard as any other country in Europe, and though it is quickly recovering, the economy is still reeling. Pricing The minimum wage is only 217€ a month, so it is no surprise that things in Romania tend to be very cheap in comparison to the rest of Europe. Assuming that you have a budget of 100€, you could comfortably buy yourself a pair of Adidas trainers, eat at three different restaurants, watch a movie and still have money left for a dozen beers. Travelling Romania is a fairly large country, and travelling it can take some time. Fortunately, you can choose to travel by train, or, if you’re in a city, by tram, taxi or car. Taxis are usually very cheap, costing no more than 50€ cents per kilometre, and are used quite often by the native population.

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    May 08, 2021 · Third, concerning Customs in Romania, their primary goal is to prevent drugs, weapons, explosive materials, and illegal products from entering Romania. The list of products that are considered illegal would be pointless to include here considering that it's subject to change anytime, which would make this list outdated.

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    Mar 24, 2015 · Irina holds a BA in Journalism and has been part of the team since its early days in 2011. She likes to keep the readers informed every day.

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    Nov 17, 2019 · Romania also has strong Christmas caroling customs that reference Romanian folklore. The act of going through the village, or from house to house, singing carols dates to pre-Christian times. Today, you'll see mostly children caroling.

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    May 11, 2009 · The territory of Romania that we all know today was occupied in the year 200 before Christ by a tribe called “the Dacians” that belonged to the big Thracian family. . Under the rule of Burebista (82 – 44 b. Cr.), the first centralized state of the Dacians was fo

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