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  1. Verso definition, a left-hand page of an open book or manuscript (opposed to recto). See more.

  2. Verso is the Latin for reverse or back of an object. It is also the name for the left-hand page of an open book or manuscript. When collectors read that a work of art is signed on the Verso, it means that the artist has preferred to sign her work on the back. Traditionally, most art photography has been signed on the back.

  3. Dictionary entry overview: What does verso mean? • VERSO (noun) The noun VERSO has 2 senses: 1. left-hand page. 2. the side of a coin or medal that does not bear the principal design Familiarity information: VERSO used as a noun is rare.

  4. English Translation. recto. More meanings for verso. dwell verb. habito, incubo, resideo, incolo, mansito. read verb. lego, lectito, evolvo, translego, vorso.

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  6. Mar 24, 2009 · Recto and Verso mean "front" and "back" when referring to the sides of a printed piece of paper in a bound volume such as a book, pamphlet, codex or broadsheet. Reverso is an incorrect form of ...

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